Whirlwind days

I don’t have much time, so brief post…

Firstly thank you to everyone who has commented on the last few blogs, I will reply as soon as I can but things are pretty hectic atm as I’m sure you can imagine!

I also know you’d all like to see pics of the puppy we found, and I’ll get those up as soon as I can too…I actually have days’ worth of photos to sort through on my camera, but getting them onto the computer and resizing etc. takes quite a bit of time and at the moment life feels like one big rush!!

Nyx, as we have come to call her, is doing very well.

Her neck is healing wonderfully, she’s growing in confidence (started off very timid, is now a cuddler! ❤ ), gaining weight, and is doing far better with house training than we expected.

For now her and Raiden are staying separate, and probably will for quite a while (Raiden is super vocal and obnoxious around dogs, and whilst I think a puppy would probably enjoy that, I want her to be settled and have more confidence before even thinking about intro work with those two).

We’re slowly beginning intro work with Nyx and Kasper. Atm just baby gating one room, and letting them do their own thing, feeding treats to each etc. Kasper’s pretty damn good with puppies other than resource guarding, which is easily managed, so I’m hoping he accepts her okay.

Obviously Nyx isn’t crate trained yet, so can’t really be left…I can pop her in her pen & crate combo when she’s sleeping or doing a Kong, but introducing her to the crate is an ongoing positive experience…and Kasper and Rey need their walks, and training, and etc, so it’s been pretty mad here. My partner has been doing the majority of their walks so I can stay home and work with Nyx.

I had a Valium to help me sleep last night, just because I don’t remember the last time I had over 6 hours sleep at night…okay, my chart says it was ten days ago…and with a puppy in the mix I could do without my hypomania inching into true mania…slept 10 hours last night: bliss 🙂


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