Puppy photos

My partner’s out with Rey and Nyx is napping, so I used the opportunity to edit photos to share this beauty with you 🙂

She is at a pretty good weight and looking beautiful, she is just a FANTASTIC girl!


She’s very gangly, definitely mainly sighthound…possibly bull breed, or are we just thinking that because she’s brindle?!

Sometimes she looks so bully-ish…


The thing I’ve found hardest is getting her to understand when we’re giving her treats…she just had no idea and it was hard to reward her for doing things because I guess she’s never been giving treats before.

We tried pinching treats between fingers, having the chicken on our palm, popping it directly into her mouth, putting it on the floor etc…I think she’s slowly learning that when we present our hands to her it means she has earned food!!

She’s *really* gaining confidence, she’s started kissing, and cuddling, and she is SO CHILLED – I can carry her in my arms and she just lays there. She’s great at settling, she’s gorgeous. She is absolutely precious 🙂 ❤

Housetraining is going really well. We have to fight for it (she whines in the garden and will try anything but toileting) but we’re avoiding accidents purely by giving her no other choice…if she doesn’t go outside, she gets taken out every few minutes until she does.

Food-wise I’m scared about feeding her too many different things, she already had to start on an entirely new kibble because obviously we don’t know what she was previously fed…I have her on Barking Heads, after she’s finished the 2kg she’s going on grain free Country Kibble. For treats we’re just using plain chicken and, rarely, cat kibble.

So far I haven’t done any ‘real’ training with her, as in trick training, sit etc…we’ve just done housetraining, confidence building, play, settle work, learning her name, running to us, and of course trying to tame the puppy mouthing!!!

I need to get started on the trick training, we just feel busy haha.

Please don’t think my baby is ugly; she is absolutely beautiful inside and out…I know a lot of people don’t like brindle dogs, and think they are ugly; well, this little brindle pup is the sweetest thing in the world.

Cannot describe how sweet she is ❤




Also quickly before I go, I’d like to say thank you again to everyone who commented on my last few blogs, but especially the one where I shared that Flair had passed…it was so lovely to read those comments, and I appreciate them so much, I am sorry for not replying…I’m just exhausted!!


7 thoughts on “Puppy photos

    • Thank you! 🙂 I’ve heard so many people say they think brindle dogs are ugly / plain, and it’s hard to get photos to do Nyx justice…but she’s absolutely adorable 😀

  1. Thanks!! I’m wondering if she’s suddenly going to explode with energy and excitement once she’s settled / 100% healthy, because right now she just takes everything in her stride…of course it’d be great if she kept that trait, but everyday her personality develops more so we’ll have to wait and see 🙂

  2. Who dares say that bridles are ugly? I always think they are beautiful. She is super cute and I hope things keep going well! I can’t believe people would just abandon a puppy like that.

    • We’ve heard it quite a bit volunteering…usually with Staffies or Lurchers. Some of the first dogs we interacted with in rescue were young brindle Staffy crosses, and they were in rescue so long because they were bull-breed and brindle :/

      We think brindle pups are adorable too, and love how uniquely different every brindle dogs’ coat is…Nyx’s changes from her head to her belly haha, she’s a much darker brindle on her head 🙂

  3. Some of my friends have a Doberman/?? mix that looks a lot like your puppy! They’re not sure where the brindle comes from either. You’ve definitely got a cutie on your hands!

    • Oh really?? Dobe’s something I hadn’t thought of at all…there are so many breeds I can see in the way she looks or runs or her personality. DNA test much haha?!

      Nah, probably not, I think guessing’s more fun! I’m almost certain she’s got a hefty chunk of Greyhound-y type in her, because she seems to be quite the couch potato 😀

      Thank you!

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