We found a puppy

Yesterday on Kasper’s walk we found a puppy.

She’s currently staying with us.

I have to keep this quick (you know how puppies are) – we were walking Kasper through a footpath, all overgrown and abandoned, we’ve never seen anybody else use it but us.

Kasper saw her first, he kept looking over in this direction and then started whining, and there she was. Tied to a tree with rope around her neck just lying, and all around her in a circle there were claw marks.

We stood for a while not knowing what to do, looking for anybody, we didn’t have a phone, so we waited for about fifteen minutes trying to work out what we should do.

We decided we’d have to go back, put Kasper in his crate, then come back out with a phone and see if she was still there. It wouldn’t be fair to carry her home with Kasper present, on either of them.

I went to her and she was timid, scared, but oh so sweet. I gave her some water which she REALLY needed, I dropped her just a few dog treats (which she sniffed and then ate) and we left her…it felt horrible.

We walked 20 minutes home, deposited Kasper, ran back, and she was still there. When we walked into sight she stood and wagged, she was nervous but excited to see us!

I put a little water by her and we sat within reach. She was filthy. It didn’t take long for her to come to us, and she was timid but friendly, and sweet. She’s really skinny, but is definitely some sort of Greyhound / Whippet / Lurcher mix, so it could also be that.

Eventually picked her up, called the vets, took her to the vets, talked to the vets, they treated her for various things (including her neck which was rubbed raw from the rope), no microchip, left details. Phoned council, took ours’ and her details, if an owner doesn’t get in touch within a week (and they said unlikely given her condition, that she was tied up etc) we’re her carers, and will rehome her if we need to…but she’s here with us.

Washed her, trying to toilet outside, getting her fed, watching her poops, keeping everyone happy…falling in love!! Vet guessed she’s about 12 weeks old, but said we could probably guess her breeds more accurately than she could XD

I’ll try get a pic soon!


5 thoughts on “We found a puppy

  1. I just have to say I wish there were more people like you. You’re amazing and every pet (and human) having the pleasure of knowing you is a lucky one!

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