Rest In Peace Flair

I haven’t updated about Flair for a while, and that’s because there was either nothing to update or it was going badly…

He’d been on the higher dose of Baytril for 7 days, and his breathing didn’t improve at all – it wasn’t as bad as when we brought him home obviously, but it was worse than when we saw him at his best.

Alongside that he had a few red patches, and his quills had begun to fall out. At a vet consult they said this was a skin infection, and to continue with the Baytril…Flair was in a sorry state, and we knew he was close to the end 😥

We gave it five days from when we noticed signs of the skin infection. He stopped dropping his quills (he hadn’t dropped enough to develop any bald patches, but every time we handled him dozens of quills would litter the floor) and the red patches disappeared, but his breathing was still terrible and it wasn’t getting any better.

The squeaky breathing was back, he was sneezing constantly again, and he had more snot than we’d ever seen him with – every medtime I ended up covered in a sheen of hedgehog snot!!

He began eating less, so we syringe fed him food too…and it was just all going downhill.

Yesterday we helped him find peace. We did all we could but he was just too sick.

We might have only had him for less than a month, but he was an incredibly special little guy…he was extremely forgiving, and by the end although he absolutely despised being syringe fed, he never held it against us and would always come to be handled and say hello.

I know we didn’t have him for long, but me and my partner are both surprised by how horrifically sad we are by this – he really was just a lovely boy, an absolute sweetheart.

Flair was just one year old when he had to be PTS, and it’s all because his previous owners (who claimed they ‘didn’t know there was anything wrong with him’ – see video below, wouldn’t you notice he was ill??) didn’t get him the help he needed when he first began showing symptoms.

When he came to us he had just been battling it too long, and it wasn’t fair to make him fight any longer.

Rest in peace Flair, you’re a gorgeous boy, breathe easy now ❤


5 thoughts on “Rest In Peace Flair

  1. So sorry for your loss but I’m really glad you got to give him a fighting chance and I’m sure he was grateful

  2. To die in peace and love is one of the greatest gifts a living being can get and can give. If Flair had arrived a few weeks earlier by you, I’m sure you could have saved him. He was a cute, adorable creature, a gentle little soul.

  3. Oh no. This makes us so sad. Thank you for giving Flair a chance and showing him real, true love for his last month. Sending healing ear licks and hugs your way. Noodle and Mom

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