It’s not a cat tree…

…it’s  CHINCHILLA tree!!!


Oh, and it has a side job as a rabbit tree too 😉


Mostly though it’s a chinchilla tree, and they *love* it!

Bandoose was first out. She’s our braver chin, and alongside her natural curiosity the food was also calling her!

She was out for about 20 minutes exploring, and for the most part Chilli was sleeping…then Chilli woke up, realised she was alone in the chinchilla mansion, and started freaking. She became even more upset when she saw her sister through the bars!

Eventually Chilli discovered the open door, and to our surprise she was quite confident coming out too, even though the only other times they’ve been out the cage they were on the floor and we lifted Chilli out.

Chilli was fantastic!

She was more skittish, so if one of the bunnies hopped about noisily she would dart back to her cage, but she did really really well. She was even fine with me sorting out their food, water, and scritching her sister 🙂

Bandoose quickly discovered their new neighbour, Omri, and she was all over him like a rash!!

I have some video footage of them touching noses I’ll have to upload, it was really cute!

Omri soon grew bored of the strange looking rabbit and went off to eat his hay, but Bandoose stayed there for an extra five minutes in case he might come back!

Nobody has made it to the floor yet, but Bandoose hopped into the hammock that I filled with hay, and Chilli (yes, Chilli!) made it to the roof of the house…I expect they’ll be onto the floor within their next few forays 🙂





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