Fun sun photography

*all photos taken with Xperia S mobile phone*

We went on a suntrip yesterday.

It was boiling hot and we wanted to make the most out of the sun…seems like we did it just in time, it’s been slightly cooler, cloudy and rainy all day today!

Our initial idea was to walk alongside the shoreline to a great big channel of water that we could paddle / swim in.

The problem was as we’d only walked there a few times, we couldn’t remember how far away it was from our house…it could have been as close as 25 minutes or as far away as 60.

Nevertheless, we headed out.


We passed through the first section of beach and, sliding our way through the bogland, stopped for a quick paddle in one of the many ditches filled with salt water.

I’ve always hated crocs, but I can’t deny how frickin’ awesome they are for paddling!! If only I’d had a pair of these as kid, it would have saved my fragile feet a lot of pain when paddling in rivers!

After a nice sit down it was time to continue, and take lots of awesome pics…

By this point the channel was nowhere in sight, we could see all around us and it was just flat ground – agh!

We’d been walking about 45 minutes when we stumbled across a cluster of rocks surrounded by a pool of seawater. Perfect for sunbathing 😉

And this is all I could see…

And, y’know, I had to cover my partner’s legs in mud – duh!


But yeah, he got me back >__<


I made some art…

And then it was time to head home!

The return journey was pretty eventful as my partner’s beloved straw hat (which cost a whopping £2!!) blew off. It rolled right across the dangerous quicksand banks, and right to the water’s edge…so of course we had to risk life and limb rescuing it 😉




Back with it’s rightful owner hahaha 🙂


It was a beautiful day and we had some great adventures ❤




2 thoughts on “Fun sun photography

    • Yeah we had a great time! I think some times we get so caught up that ‘walks must involve a dog’ that we forget to take time for ourselves and mooch about just the two of us 🙂

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