The ‘you’d better be tired’ walk

After a few days of heat Kasper has turned into a massive arse in the house.

No amount of training, play or exercise will get him to relax indoors – first he has to go through an irritating process of trying to play more (when he is over-excited and just knackered), then he walks around the upper floor restless, and looking for things to do that he knows will annoy us.

Eventually, either after he has extinguished all options or we have put him in his pen, he will sleep for hours.

Today we took him on a gigantic hike in the heat, it was only 10am when we headed out but it was already 23*C, so we did a walk that has half a dozen drink / paddling opportunities along the way (along with taking our own water of course).

All these photos were taking with my new camera phone – I highly recommend the Xperia S for its’ amazing camera!

We’d been out for just five minutes when we arrived at this field, but halfway through is the first paddling opportunity, a stream that runs alongside the field.

Kasper dived in with great abandon, and after a quick drink and lots of splashing, it was time for his usual mad rolling…

Normally I’d have deleted this next photo, but I like Kasper’s facial expression, his goofy lip, and the flying water droplets, so it stays 😛

We then crossed into the next field, and had ourselves a battle as Kasper launched himself at every blade of grass in his desperation to eat them…for some unknown reason the grass in this field is especially irresistable, and Kasper would eat enough to make him sick.

He was shortened back down to the shortest lead, and marched through as quickly as possible.

We looped up through a nearby village and then joined a network of half a dozen large fields that all connect to each other, and Kasper could be on his longline here because this grass isn’t as tasty…

In one field there was a burbling brook Kasper could splash about in, and then we walked a little further and found Kasper’s pond, one of his favourite walking spots 🙂

A quick video of Kasper splashing about in the stream and swimming in the pond…enjoy all that mad rolling!

After pond time we began to loop back the way we came from, then I said I fancied a paddle too…back to the pond and a sturdy tree to fasten Kasper’s longline to…

…and we were all in the water paddling together!

Great fun!

Afterwards Kasper and my partner went for a little wander as I dried off and slipped my shoes on

And then we made our way back home.

Judging by the look on Kasper’s face I’d say he enjoyed his walk…now lets just hope it keeps him chilled in the house!!



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