Binky bunnies!!

I got Omri out the crate for the first time last night 😀


All it took was sitting by the door and feeding him treats for leaning out, putting a paw out, and eventually stepping out – the rabbit training has begun already!

His first time out!! See the angel wings on his back? 😀


I was using yoghurt fruit drops split up into tiny, tiiiiny pieces as rewards, which he loved…I hope to wean him onto the herby-weedy treats asap, but at the moment he’s a picky boy.

He was used to getting a full bowl of pellets at the shop so he hates that I give him two tablespoons of nuggets a day and a shit ton of hay haha!


He didn’t do much hopping or exploring last night.

He would come out the crate door, shuffle forwards about 30cm, then go back in. After about four repititions he was done, and he let us know this by sprawling by the door XD

The next day when we let him out, there was no stopping him!!

As soon as I opened the crate door he was out, cautiously exploring. We gave him a fairly small area to begin with, about 5ft x 5ft, and after the first ten minutes he was surprisingly confident. He’s a real cutie!

Wiiiiings XD


We used barely any treats today, 1/2 a yoghurt drop and some faintly flavoured popcorn. He didn’t need the treats, he was just happy to be out 🙂

I also emptied his crate of all substrate, to see if he would toilet in the litter tray…Omri prefers sleeping on the metal base (I guess ‘cos it’s so warm in our house) and he also seems to pee EVERYWHERE, so we’ll see if this helps.

And here’s Omri’s very  first binkies…I tacked some of Aubree’s onto the end, and it has the BEST happy-funky music too 😀

Finally, we have some exciting news, we are considering adding a cat to our family sometime this summer 🙂

I’ve never been a cat person, then I living with my partner’s families’ kitten when I was 19, and 20-24 we worked with cats at several rescue centres, socialising them and cleaning out their pens. And…we really want a cat.

We want to leave it a few months (I have a lot of learning to do!), and a cat takes planning as Kasper is extremely excited by cats, so it’s possible the cat would have to be kept separate for quite a while.

It would also probably be an indoor cat, but I’m confident in our abilities to keep it happy and stimulated through cat trees, toys, kibble balls, and of course training and time outside on lead.

We’d love a third dog, an extra small breed…but we couldn’t commit to walks and such. I think a cat could be perfect 🙂


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