Making friends & flopping

Wow has the weather hotted up…a humid and horrible 24*C today 😦

We took Rey for a walk this morning, we’d only been out 20 minutes (and he’d only been off lead for 10) but pretty soon he was too tired to go any further. I thought he might have a thorn in his paw at first, as it was early on in the day and not tortuously warm yet, but his feet were fine…he was just knackered XD

The bunnies are also feeling the heat.

Below are some of the best bunny sprawling positions from the last few days…

(click on any pic to enlarge, and yes they’re side-by-side sprawling in some!!)

Today was Omri’s first proper day in his crate, and he still wasn’t up to really coming out…I put some of his nuggets about 20cm from the door, and he came out to eat most of them, but the rest of the time he just chilled in the crate with the door open πŸ˜€

After Omri had a chance to come out we shut his door and let Aubree out.

We left a section of pen around Omri’s crate so there was a bit of a gap most the way round, just because they’re still not used to each other.

For the most part Aubree was either unaware of Omri’s existence, or casually sniffing at him. At one point they touched noses, which was obviously adorable πŸ˜€


Omri on the other hand was fascinated with Aubree, and wherever she went around the room he would follow around his crate.

I think he was extremely confused about Aubree; she showed virtually no interest in him (because she can’t see him!!) and I guess because she can’t see him her body language would have been very confusing…

It’s nice Omri has some rabbit company.

Although we’re still leaning towards not introducing them, they should be able to interact through pens and crates, and Omri will obviously be able to watch Aubree. They’ll be allowed to get closer once they’re more comfortable with each other and Omri has been neutered πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Making friends & flopping

    • Apparently when he was younger the black dollop near his nose was more central and looked like a moustache! We love the white patterning on his back, depending on what position he’s in they look like either wings or a loveheart πŸ™‚

      And thank you, he is a gorgeous boy!

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