Naughty dog, perfect pets

**to see cool Crested gecko photos scroll to end!**

Kasper is in the dog house today.

Almost literally, he’s in the other room in the princess tent, surrounded by pen. For today, I am sick of him.

I’ve talked lots about what a hideous personality Kasper has, and much as we love him it’s totally true. Today he has just done my head in – probably a combination of him being an arse, the inescapable heat, and my mania.

All day he’s either been leaning all his weight against me, sitting on me, and staring obsessively at me when I ask him to get off and go on his bed…or he’s been constantly attempting to counter surf.

What’s worst, we left a fucking broccoli stalk on the bookcase in the hall, and Kasper stole it. I tried to swap it for treats, but Kasper for no apparent reason decided an old broccoli stalk was better than the dried fish I was offering.

Sometimes he just does this; often I can get him to drop and swap actual food when I ask (eg. if he grabs half a load of bread, which has happened before, he will trade) and then other times he just completely ignores me and acts like a fucking broccoli stalk is better than high value, raw, dried fish!

I’d totally had enough by that point so told him to get out the room. When he ignored me I repeated myself louder, and he went off growling…I was furious.

Some days he is such a gobshite, even after tons of puzzle feeders and mental stimulation, and I just do not want him around me.

He’s always had these utterly disastrous days, and early on I found them very difficult to deal with.


We had an exciting day today where we put Omri into a larger cage, shuffled the furniture around, swapped the piggles over, AND handled Seth our Crested Gecko for the first time!

First here’s a ‘before’ photo of our room:


You can see the chinchillas with gobshite adorable dog underneath them, Omri in the 120 indoor rabbit cage, and Aubree in the dog crate.

And the ‘after’ photo:

Omri’s crate under the TV, Aubree’s crate and the chinchillas!

So Omri has a much larger cage now, which is always a plus, and we are hoping he will feel happier to come out and free range because there’s no real lip on a dog crate. It’s also much easier to go interact and watch him in the crate, all good things 🙂


I actually stole this crate from the guinea pigs.

I was going to leave Omri in the 120 cage until we bought him a new crate, but I got tired of the guinea pigs kicking 100+ poops all over the floor every. single. day!

So now they are in the 120, which is still plenty big enough for them.

Flair had his first dose of uber-Baytril today. Really hope it does something as he sounds terrible 😦

And finally: Seth!

We’ve had Seth for over a month now, but with reptiles the longer you leave them to settle in is generally better…most places agree 2-4 weeks is good.

First we tried to handle him after two weeks of leaving him alone, but as he was already tangled in a plant, we couldn’t extricate him.

We left him alone again, and today he was mooching about on top of his cave, so I whisked the cage down, removed the plants, and hey presto I had the little guy!

He was incredibly easy to pick up and not at all flighty – young Cresties can be extremely jumpy, but Seth was a superstar!

I passed him to my partner after about five minutes, mainly so I could clean Seth’s RUB whilst he was out, but also so I could take some pics 😉

Isn’t he just amazing to look at?

I love his eyes, they’re like cracked jewels!

My partner really enjoyed handling Seth, easily as much as me, and Seth was more jumpy for him so that was really fun to watch too!

I managed to get a number of clips of him jumping from hand to hand too!

Once his RUB was clean we popped him back home with a nice meal and a new layout to enjoy 🙂

Can’t wait to handle him again!


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