TWO ticks for Raiden!

I. Hate. TICKS!

We encountered our first tick a few years ago, on Kasper. As we didn’t have a tick remover, removing it was fun – thankfully Kasper is a greedy git and generally rocks handling, so he was the perfect starter dog!

The day after Kasper got his first tick, we had to deal with another – what are the chances?!

It seems that this area is *teeming* with ticks, as we’ve always owned dogs in the countryside. We’ve lived all over the UK, and we’ve never had an issue with ticks anywhere other than the North West.


About four days ago I saw something on Raiden’s ear. A suspiciously grey blobby something. Oh god…

Yep, our first tick of the year. The ridiculous thing is that a couple weeks back it was in the 20’s*C, then it got really cold again (10*C) and it’s only the past few days we’ve had no hail and it’s been warming up again – and already the ticks are here!!!

We’ve done our fair amount of handling work with Rey (stripping, brushing, holding paws, stroking, pulling ears and tail etc) but obviously we neglected to re-enact the procedure of if we needed to get a tick off him…

Raiden was not comfortable with us acting weird around him (ie. my partner approaching his ear whilst I fed him).

He would eat the treats, watch as my partner approached his ear, then duck away from his hand. We probably weren’t helping the situation – with the other ticks we had to remove them with scissors, it was obviously a difficult and stressful time, and left an unpleasant taste in our mouths.

Thankfully these days we have an O’TOM tick remover, but as this was our first time using it, we had no idea how good it would be.

These things are amazing – the tick was off within seconds!

All good 🙂

We re-enacted the removal process daily after that whilst doling out lots of treats, so Rey would get used to it. We also applied Frontline two days ago.


The most bloated one I’ve encountered yet too *bleh*

Bloody hell those O’TOM removers are good though, seriously people we highly recommend them 😀

This tick was at the top of Rey’s front left leg, and found during our daily health check.

Rey was much calmer this time during removal; still slightly uncomfortable, but very happy to slurp down some yoghurt, stand still, and he was ecstatic afterwards – like a proud little kid being told how good he was!

Here are some pics of Raiden being good during his daily check, too 🙂

SO that was…fun. I frickin’ hate tick season, and just ticks in general >__<

In town today I bought a toy basket for the pups, it was reduced and a good size – also very manly for our two male dogs XD


I’ve put all the dogs’ toys in that can be left out without Kasper disintegrating them…empty puzzle feeders, some squeaky toys, lots of Nylabones and antlers…anything to try encourage Kasper to occupy himself, and spare us the agony of stepping on Nylabones that are littered all around the room…

I still have an update on Flair to do, and various other pets…but I had to rant about the tick.

I can’t stand ticks, they gross me out so bad XD



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