Introducing the husbun!

For quite a while we have been talking about getting a second rabbit.

Anyone who has been following this blog for a few months now will know we absolutely adore Aubree, and we constantly say she is the happiest rabbit we know. We really do honestly love her to bits.

However I originally wanted to get a rabbit that I could clicker train, and that would enjoy physical fuss.

With Aubree being both blind and deaf (which we were completely unaware of when we adopted her) she doesn’t understand interacting with humans, and training tricks would obviously be extremely difficult!!

Now don’t think she will be any less loved with us having a second rabbit or neglected, it’s just that me forcing myself on her in the way of strokes…well, she just doesn’t enjoy it.

After a lot of training she can cope with strokes and grooming –Β this is massive! –Β but she will never seek it out or enjoy it in the way my other rabbits always did.

In January our local pet shop (where we have got a lot of our pets from, and where we adopted Tilt from) had their first litter of baby rabbits, and one boy remained.

We’ve been searching for a boy bunny as the easiest pairing for rabbits is usually a female and neutered male, and there’s a 50/50 chance we will try and intro our new guy to Aubree further down the line.

(we’re still not convinced one way or the other; whilst it would be lovely for Aubree to have a friend, I don’t want to freak her out, and I know both rabbits will be happy on their own…it’ll be a few months before he can be neutered and we have to decide anyway!)

When I couldn’t find any suitable male rabbits to adopt locally (and let’s face it, after Aubree & Flair I don’t trust people rehoming their pets to be honest) we went to check out the little pet shop bun today.

Omri is a beautiful mini lop with what I call aeroplane ears haha (one up one down) – lop ears should both face down, but I had an aeroplane-eared bunny as a teenager and have a real soft spot for them πŸ˜€

He is almost exactly four months old and the softest lump you’ve ever seen; he has been well handled and cared for.

He’s a really gorgeous colour and has beautiful markings. We had a rabbit similar(ish) to him years ago; Lenny was an outdoor bun and was killed when a JRT broke into our garden and then into his run (actually bent the steel bars).

Here’s our Lenny bun


I always thought Lenny was beautiful, and always get excited to see bunnies with similar patterning.

After bringing Omri home I couldn’t resist a quick cuddle before letting him settle in his cage πŸ™‚



He’s temporarily in a 120cm rabbit cage, and either tomorrow or the day after he will get his first chance to come out and explore.

It will be really, really weird having a rabbit that can see their surroundings, I’m excited to see how different his free time is to Aubree’s.

If he looks big, it’s because he is quite a big boy, being a Mini Lop!

At just under four months old this little sod is already bigger than Aubree, even though she’s almost 12 months! πŸ™‚

The fact he can see and hear is already proving hard to get my head around…I’m so used to being noisy and rushing past Aubree’s cage, I’m having to try hard to be quiet and cautious around Omri’s!!

If we introduce the two buns, they will live together in Aubree’s XXL dog crate, but we will add a 4x4ft pen to the front permanently so they have more room. On top of that they will of course get their free-ranging several times a day too!

If we don’t decide to introduce them (or if intros go badly) we will order another XXL crate for Omri, and they will enjoy free range time separately πŸ˜‰

If we do decide to intro the buns, we have to wait around three months anyway – he needs to be 6 months for neutering, and then you have to wait several weeks for him not to be able to make babies haha!

So there you have it. I have a rabbit that can see & hear…weird πŸ˜€

And Aubree has not noticed that anything has changed, or that there’s a new bun in the house – she came out for a few hours and was hopping about acting entirely normal.

We slightly changed the furniture so that we had somewhere to put Omri’s cage, and Aubree rocked at understanding the layout, bless her.



By the end of several hours hopping about, eating, being groomed, binkying, and chewing things she shouldn’t, Aubree was ready to go home and just collapse…

Sorry Omri, but she don’t need no husbun XD



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