Random photography

When I was last manic (somewhere around a month ago) I ordered a new and expensive phone.

Whilst it was entirely the wrong time to do so and a complete waste of money, I have been eagerly awaiting its’ arrival because I don’t have a mobile – I just share with my partner, but that’s not good if I need to get in touch with HIM 😀

Plus the camera on his mobile has been breaking these past 6 months, and really the main thing I want from a mobile is a decent camera.

I spent around £70 on this phone (alongside other pointless, expensive shit which we managed to catch in time and cancel -__- ) and even though it was ordered so long ago IT STILL HASN’T ARRIVED!

Now I know amazon prime has spoilt us and I have always been inpatient…but this is ridiculous and I want it *so* bad 😛

It has a 13 megapixel camera and the sample photos look really good. I’m excited to have a phone I can carry at all times and get all those snaps I usually miss because my DSLR (also bought when I was manic several years ago!!) is so damn big and clunky.

All that aside (sorry, the joy of hypomanic warbling!) here are some completely random photos I’ve taken over the past few weeks.

In most of them the weather is a thousand times better than it has been the last few days…we actually arranged to see my partner’s parents for crazy golf today and it’s torrential rain HA HA HA!



Imagine all the random pics I could get if I had a phone with me, I’m so excited!

It’s always incredibly annoying when I see something and think ‘wow that’d be a cool photo, I wonder if I could get it to look how I want…’ and I have nothing with me to capture it 😛


5 thoughts on “Random photography

    • Thank you! That was one of my favourites too! Just saw the reflection the other night and wanted to see if I could capture the change in lighting and darkening sky outside 🙂

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