Dog nail trim progress

I’m sorry if these posts bore you, but I’m really proud of our progress ^__^

As many of you know I have been trying to countercondition Kasper to having his nails trimmed since he was a few years old, so for almost four years now.

Finally – FINALLY! – we are making such amazing progress, and we’re gradually pushing the length of his talons back 😀

Here are some photos from the start of our journey:

As you can see, Kasper had seriously long nails, and they’re incredibly thick too – most clippers really struggle to cut through the black nails.

I did a lot of research into cutting a dog’s nails, and we spent months making the process , if not exactly enjoyable for Kasper, then one he was comfortable with.

We made some progress.

And the more I practiced using nail clippers, the less scary it became…now I look forward to the procedure. Not only is it therapeutic for me but it’s almost a form of art haha, I love it!

Here are some photos from today, please bear in mind how his nails started off 🙂

The white nails here had just been freshly clipped, the black nail is untouched. (I always leave the black nails a little longer, I HATE that I can’t see the quick!!)


All nails done on this paw!

I’ve also got Kasper to the point where I can shave the fur on his paws (single handedly might I add!), and this makes clipping his nails much easier 🙂


A before and an after 🙂

And Raiden continues to rock the scratch board whilst we work on paw handling and patience…here’s some pics of his nails today


Don’t you just love these dinky little paws?? ❤

And photos / video of the actual scratch board part!



The actual scratching part is only about 30 seconds long in this video.

We have him scratch at the board for about 5-10 seconds at a time, and usually get him to do this three times in a row. We do this a few times a week.




2 thoughts on “Dog nail trim progress

  1. Good work! I hope the process get easier and easier as time goes on. Trimming Phins nails was something I never mastered. When I first tried to show him the clippers, all he wanted to do was chew them. He was so squirmy too, which was hard since it is just me. A few weeks later, with peanut butter in hand, I was able to get one nail trimmed. No complaints from the dog. When I tried to do the next nail, he whined and carried on like I was hurting him. So now I just file his nails with a thicker human nail file. He gets loads of treats and deals with it. Occasionally I take him to a shop to let the pros do it with a dremel. His dew claws are especially hard to file down. Luckily his back paws stay short from walking, so it’s just the front paws I have to work on. They get pointy cause he pulls half the time when walking. Still working on that. There is always something!

    • Yeah, I imagine the process with Kasper would have been MUCH harder if I didn’t have a second person to feed a nice constant stream of treats!!

      I started with filing Kasper’s nails, because he was way less arsed by the file than when I tried to use clippers on him. We used a hardware file and actually saw really good progress, it only took a few minutes to file each nail. In fact I still mostly file the black nails because they scare me!!

      I do like being able to use the clippers though 🙂

      It took years of “look how great the clippers are” before I could use them on him – I’d get him to ‘touch’ them, put his paws on them, handle his paws a ton, touch his paws with the clippers etc…it was slow going, but I didn’t push it or work on it as much as I should have either. We got there though!

      Raiden has really sharp nails. I don’t know if it’s because his nails are so much smaller / thinner than Kasper’s, but even when they’re short they scratch. Can’t wait until I’m able to file them to nice little nubs XD

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