Flair update: days 4 & 5

Two updates in one post!

I was going to split the post into two sections, one for each day, but I don’t think I really need to.

The overall gist is that we’re still seeing very small improvements each day; sometimes when we go check on him he sounds awesome, other times (especially after the sauna) he sounds significantly more sneezy / wheezy.

Regardless, he’s still loads better than on day 1.

He’s turning into a right little sod for med time though 😀

Not only is he much more willing to curl (and I mean properly curl, where you can’t see / get to his face at all) but he’s also cottoned on that if he clamps his teeth together I can’t get the syringe in, and the baby food oozes out the side of his mouth.

I can’t blame him, but sheesh!

Thankfully I have some experience syringe feeding animals and knew what he was doing with his teeth, so he didn’t miss any doses, but it means I have to be really careful at med time. The process has gone from taking about 4 minutes to 10 😛


When he’s up and about and doing well, the difference is honestly amazing – he could almost, almost, pass for a healthy hog 🙂

He explores, snuffles, there isn’t too much sneezing, and he just looks so damn cute!!

And here’s your update video…if you see at the start, on day 4 even when sleeping he was quite wheezy, whereas if you keep an eye out for day 5 you will see his sleeping was almost silent!

I’m not sure how much Baytril we have left.

I imagine we will need another vet visit (stress, travel and probably around £70 vanished…oops) but I hope the staff are impressed with Flair’s progress and agree he has a chance to beat this URI 🙂


2 thoughts on “Flair update: days 4 & 5

    • Thanks, missed this comment somehow so sorry for not replying 🙂

      Unfortunately we haven’t seen any improvement these past few days, which is disheartening…he’s almost out of Baytril so I imagine it’ll be a vet visit soon, I hope they’re able to offer more meds / something different and don’t just say it’s time to give up on him, because he really has improved overall…

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