A sort of new house

I think I posted weeks back that we were changing all our house around.

The idea was that the two rooms upstairs (which were previously our bedroom and spare / junk room) would be used again..

I stopped sleeping in the bedroom about 5 months ago because after a manic episode my brain seemed to think bed was for being awake / anxious (I could sleep on a sofa bed with ease) and the junk room was obviously full of junk.

Now the spare room has become our living room, and across the hall we’re using our bedroom to sleep in again! Downstairs will hopefully become my dog training area where I can leave agility stuff set up 🙂

The great thing about this layout is that the entire second floor can be open for our dogs, and they can go from room to room. They have a great running space now, and they can practice their independence by being in a separate room to us.

It’s hard to let Kasper be independent because he is an extreme counter surfer, if he knows you’re not watching he will search everywhere within reach.

We try and manage / prevent this by keeping things up high, but we (apparently) goofed twice within the last week…

One time he got two quail eggs off a book shelf and ate them raw (no idea how, they were in a tin!!!) and in the bedroom today he emptied a bowl of treats which I also thought was barricaded enough; apparently not -__-

Anywho, pics of our (sort of) new house 😉

Here’s our dinky living room; Aubree’s crate is to the right and on top you can see the quail


And across the hallway we have a whole new room for the pups!

Previously one half of this room (and the bed) were full of bits and bobs, and then there was this tiny section below which was our piggy hospital area XD

We cleared everything out, and yay we have such a lovely room to chill in 🙂

To the right of the princess tent there was a huge shelving rack mainly holding books. So I spent hours today sorting through all our books, wiping them down, and reorganising them…now the tent is tucked even more out the way, so we have more room!

The tent is where Kasper is ‘forced’ to sleep at night, because otherwise he hogs THE ENTIRE bed 😉



“I don’t hog the entire bed…just most of it”

Check out this neat and tidy book shelf compared to the state it was in a few pics up 😀


And somehow I managed to fit all my dog books on one shelf…it’s a miracle XD

I do not recommend all these books; some of them I hang on to for small interesting chapters, or because the ‘advice’ makes me laugh…the stack on the left are the books I really enjoy and will happily recommend to others, and most the ones are the right are meh.

And this hallway is great for chucking toys down, it’s a nice long strip for the dogs to play fetch and they like to bounce up and down furniture at either end 😀


And last pic, you will note we have an Aubree barrier to keep her out the bedroom XD


It’s cool to have had all this effort pay off, and I slept like a baby last night 🙂

I’m afraid today is another Flair-less blogging day. I have a video with clips from yesterday and one from today, but haven’t uploaded it yet as I like to get footage of him after his daily sauna too.

I will post an update with a video all about him early tomorrow, promise!




2 thoughts on “A sort of new house

    • We think so, and so far the pups seem to agree…although Kasper is NOT happy about having to sleep in a tent every night XD

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