Everyone but Flair

Thought I’d sneak in a blog that wasn’t about Flair today.

First I’ll talk about the guinea pigs, as they’re also on Baytril for a (far less severe) URI.

They have been eating their Baytril (mixed in with fruit / veggie baby food) every single day, which is absolutely wonderful, and…they’re sounding so much better!!!

They sneeze every so often now (as oppose to sneezing a few times a minute), which is great, and they’re still active, greedy and cheeky. I’m not sure how many days’ worth of Baytril we have, but hopefully it’s enough to completely get rid of their URI 😀

The chin girls are fab, although Bandoose seems to be moulting and has hilaruous little hair spikes.

I have a recent video I don’t think I’ve shared where they dust bathe and Chilli accidentally nips my finger XD

Oh also there’s a hilarious bit where I had just moved their wooden nest box (it used to be beneath the blue levels on the right) and Chilli doesn’t realise it’s been moved, so leaps onto it and just splats on the floor bless her hahahaha!

The rats are doing well, if Donnie’s in the mood I can actually call him to the cage bars for treats now, even if he’s sleeping! Of course if they’ve already had treats or he just can’t be bothered he will ignore me, but it’s still uber cute!

Aubree is happy as ever.

Our pups have gotten so calm around her that we very rarely need to put barriers around her crate now.

Usually they ignore her but Kasper licked her a few times the other day (I don’t think he was being cute, I think he was just trying to taste her – he LOVES eating rabbits!!), Raiden has kissed her a few times, and he pawed at her last night which was hilarious.

He had pushed a kibble feeder up to her crate bars the other day and she eventually came over to smell him…Raiden was so funny, just like “um, are you…are you trying to eat my food…?” XD

The degu boys are well, although discovered their way under some draws and wouldn’t come out, which was interesting as they’re still quite flighty and don’t enjoy handling. Everything I put in front of the gap they are determined to move, chew through or squeeze past.

Effie the Syrian is thriving. She’s started leaping off the top of her cage (we put her up there sometimes for quick cleans or filling up bowls); well now she leaps off onto a kitchen counter (about 30cm below) and tearing around which is funny.

The quail girls are fantastic.

I gave them Aubree’s buffet the other day and they love going under, through and on top of it.

I’ve since shuffled their cage around again but am happy with it now. It gives them lots of room, places to hide, and nooks to explore, whilst also providing us a place to barrier them off at night and cover with a blanket.

(if we don’t do that, when the sun rises, one quail gets scared because she can’t see the other in the gloom, and will call for her repeatedly – it would be fine if the other actually replied!!)

Cuddles with Kale are a daily occurrence of course 😉


I’ve also found a stress-free way to get Quorn out.

Kale is easy and I can pick her up, but they don’t like being separate from each other so free ranging wasn’t an option…I’m not going to scare Quorn just to get her out the cage!

Well, I discovered a travel tray XD

Basically a cat litter tray. If I put pellets and mealworms in, Quorn happily goes into scoff them and has no problem with me lifting her down…she doesn’t have the best balance so often stumbles, but she doesn’t mind that at all haha!

Funnily enough Kale really doesn’t like being moved in this way!

In this video you will see the girls had no fear of Aubree (or Aubree of them) and towards the end they both get returned home – Kale was asking to get back so I lifted her up, then had to go fetch her sister in her travel tray 😛

And there you go!

I know I said I wasn’t going to talk about Flair, but just a *quick* update – his temps are staying stable and in the night he had eaten about 2 tablespoons of kibble, which is all we gave him.

This is more than he has eaten since he came to us, which is wonderful. I’ll update later today after med / sauna time.

Thanks again for all the lovely uplifting comments in regards to him, I’m passing your love on to the little spiny dude 😉



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