Flair: day 2

Another hedgehog update, sorry if I’m boring you all.

We’ve spent the past 24 hours checking Flair’s temperatures every few hours. His old owners couldn’t even get the basic requirement of his heat right, when they said he came with full set-up he came with no thermostat, nothing to read his temps with and a bulb that heats both the hot and cold spots incorrectly.

So that’s just fabby.

I ordered some stuff off amazon prime, so we have a stat set up and have temperature probes in several places to get various readings for the temperature.

The hot spot was averaging 31*C which is terrible as most places agree anything over 29*C can cause a hog to have heat stroke.

The cold end (which should be absolutely no cooler than 21*C) was 18*C.

I’ve cordoned off part of his viv (have I mentioned the heat lamp is stupidly on one side?) so that he can’t access the cold-cold end, and we have the temps about okay now…just.

I really want to buy another thermostat and another (different) bulb, but can’t just yet.

Flair didn’t eat his earlier dose of Baytril in the food sludge, so we had to syringe feed him. I’m proud and relieved to say he was an absolute angel, you would not believe how good he was.

Now most places say it’s easier to syringe feed hogs on their back, but we couldn’t do that because when he’s on his back he literally can’t breathe, the vet said the same on Monday, his nose was turning blue!!

So my partner held him on his lap and I very gently poked the syringe into the side of his mouth. We got 7ml down in three chunks.

Late this evening he had his sauna.

He was very active on his way up in his travel box. He’s such a little cutie, when you pick him up he uncurls after just a few seconds 🙂 ❤

He had his sauna for about 15 minutes, and then it was syringe time.


It’s hard to get pics for all the steam so forgive the quality…

You can see his little furrowed eyebrows here, which happens when he’s worried by something or particularly struggling with his breathing.

Again he did really, really well with being syringe fed…3 separate chunks and the mix of baby food and Baytril was down.

Here he is on my partner’s lap; the gloves are because Pygmy hedgehogs curl and headbutt you when they’re scared / grumpy, and they purposefully angle their spines so they prickle!!

Here’s a video from start to finish, he looks especially cute exploring in the beginning ❤

His breathing sounded so bad after the sauna and syringing, I’m not sure if it was just stress but it was like the first day where he couldn’t move and just lay there gasping 😦

We’re happy to mix Baytril with various foods (even foods that aren’t necessarily good for hogs) just to get him eating…at the moment the little guy weighs 320g and he should weigh around 450g.

So…I don’t know if he’s any better or not.

It’s been a very up and down sort of day, and I’m feeling rather…meh, too.

At this stage I am willing to wait another few days for improvement, because he certainly isn’t as ‘bleh’ as he was that first day. When he is awake he is alert and active, and sometimes his breathing isn’t full of squeaks and sneezes, which are the worst.

Thank you for all the kind messages, and please keep those fingers crossed!


4 thoughts on “Flair: day 2

    • Thank you so much 🙂 The fact he’s 100% adorable definitely makes it a lot sadder to see him so ill, but now that he’s starting to snuffle us and explore his surroundings it’s just great to see.

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