When is enough enough?

I’m struggling so much with Flair 😦

On the one hand he has only just started treatment, and there is a (very small) chance he could get better…on the other he is suffering so damn much, and it is breaking my heart to watch him struggle. I’ve never seen an animal suffer this badly.

He hasn’t moved for about 12  hours now, and he hasn’t eaten – not his kibble or his meal worms.

Today we will offer Baytril in baby food, and mushed / blended kibble with added baby food too.

If he doesn’t eat that we’re supposed to syringe feed him, but I just don’t know if I’m comfortable putting him through that…

This is a pet that is struggling to live, and has already had a lot of upheaval – transport to new home, vet visit, treatment etc.

I don’t want to stress him out further, and I’m struggling so much with my heart saying that treatment will help and my brain telling me to help him pass away peacefully.

I sent a cold-yet-polite message to his old owners, and they left an answer phone message last night saying they were ‘shocked’ and ‘honestly had no idea’ that he was sick.

I don’t know if they genuinely didn’t know (in which case I feel they shouldn’t own pets as Flair’s illness is so bloody obvious) or whether they’re just lying and have been caught out. Who knows.

Either way we don’t want to talk to them on the phone – we want nothing from them anyway, but I guess if they message we will reply.

With most other pets it has been fairly easy to know when to euthanise…I struggled with a few mice that had tumours, they still acted well in themselves but the tumour had  burst / was interfering with their ability to walk…but with Flair I can’t determine the kindest option.

And I so don’t want to make him needlessly suffer more than he already has 😦



7 thoughts on “When is enough enough?

  1. I think you’re doing the right thing by treating him. There have been cases of animals worse off than Flair who make miraculous recoveries. Give him a few days and see if there’s improvement. If not, you’ll know what to do because at that point you’ll know you gave him a fighting chance. Lots of Love, Samantha

    • Thank you 🙂 After his steam bath yesterday he was very alert, it was the first we’d seen – his breathing still sucked but we couldn’t believe how himself he looked! It was awesome to see…next step is getting Baytril down him!

  2. I’m so very sorry that he’s so I’ll and I know it must be horrible to watch. I think your idea of give him two days is good, unless he gets a lot worse. Do what you think is right you have a wealth of experience.

  3. I’m so sorry you’re going through this and that Flair is going through this. Its hard to know what to do; my only advice is follow your heart. My prayers go with you.

    • Thank you ❤ After seeing some significant improvement for a few hours yesterday I know he's not ready to give up just yet, so we'll keep checking on him every few hours and hopefully we can beat this thing!

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