Yesterday’s nightmare walk

I was busy posting about adopting a very sick Flair the hedgehog yesterday, so I didn’t have time to tell you about another fun (!) walk with Rey.

First off, literally a few minutes out the door, we bumped into a stream of hikers on a narrow lane. They were 18-ish so being quite noisy.I snuck a photo of the group once they’d passed 😀


Raiden was wonderful around them!

We had him tucked to the side but really let him make his own choices – he would alternate between offering eye contact with us, sitting, and walking close to the end of the lead (without pulling) and smiling and wagging as the hikers passed. He was so calm 🙂

We were off to a good start!

Now the reason I’ve had my camera with me on these walks is that the council has said that the horse I reported for charging & biting me several years ago (see photo below) is not a danger.

I’m not going to avoid several of our favourite walks any longer because of a bloody horse in a field.

If they’ve said it’s safe and won’t do anything, we’ll use the footpath taking my camera…if anything happens I’ll have evidence.

Yesterday there was just one horse in the field, and not the one that bit me. We walked through fine and explored some new fields with Rey; he did great!


I filmed us walking past the horse on the way through, but on the way back my bloody camera ran out of battery!!

It takes great joy in going from full battery to none…and guess what?

The horse heard a truck driving a few fields over to feed some sheep. The horse got excited and began charging along the path to the gate, towards us, full speed.

We were about 10ft from the gate, my partner yelled “It’s heard that food truck, run for the gate!!” and we began running, with Rey.

I’m not exaggerating when I say we got through the kissing gate and closed it just as the horse got there, stamping and whineying.

It had its’ head stuck over the gate directly above Rey and was making noise. From all the panic / excitement Rey was over stimulated so he had a brief pull & yap, but I acted on auto-pilot and called him away for training He calmed down within seconds; I wish it was so easy for us!

I REALLY don’t like horses, it was extremely scary…and I am fuuuming I missed filming it >_<

It sucks after Rey was doing SO well around horses, I hope it doesn’t push us back…this was taken a few days ago 🙂

Anyway, video!

It’s short and not that exciting, because the battery ran out, but he’s very cute and calm for a new walk with new smells 🙂

After we left the horse field, within a minute we saw two dogs up ahead, and one we know is friendly but very excitable and reactive.

We called Raiden and picked him up to carry him past – we saw SIX dogs total walking separately within a few minutes!! And four of them we knew to be reactive / aggressive!

So we ended up carrying Rey for a little while, shoveling treats in his mouth (on his part he stayed almost totally calm), before putting him down and ending the walk.

Ah summer…and horses *rolls eyes*

Finally, quick vet update.

We phoned up & made an appt with the vet who has experience with exotic pets.

When I asked afterwards which vet it was, my partner said they hadn’t told him, so he rang back to ask…it was the head vet, who SUCKS with animals (he’s very rough & cold, he was the one who did Rey’s vaccinations).

We then phoned several other vets in the area to ask if they had any vets with exotic experience – although we’re fairly sure Flair just has a URI, we want a vet who knows their stuff!

A vet in the city who has really good reviews had a female vet in this afternoon who treats exotic pets (we were worried initially as the receptionist didn’t know what an African Pygmy hedgehog is!!).

So we booked an appt with her then phoned to cancel the one at our nearby surgery.

As he cancelled, the staff asked my partner where we were going, and then why we were using somewhere else. My partner replied “Well, we found out that the vet with exotic experience at this surgery is the head vet, and we’ve had quite a few poor experiences with him, where he’s handled our pets roughly.”

It was cool to give negative feedback though, and the receptionist left a shocked silence then said “thank you for your honesty” XD

Hopefully this vet we’re seeing will be good, and we can get Flair on the mend…it sucks we have to travel quite a ways with him (10 min train journey; 40 min walking both ways) but at least he’ll have a hot water bottle to keep warm!





4 thoughts on “Yesterday’s nightmare walk

  1. I usually carry my camera on walks, and there is one place where a couple of dogs have been rushing out growling and barking at us – right across the road – so I took their photo the other day and reported them. Has made some difference but not as much as I would hope. My pet hate is people who don’t control their dogs.

    • Having a camera as evidence can be really handy, good for you for reporting them. I HATE people with out of control dogs, especially off lead. I’m getting a mobile phone purely so that I can use that to take photos / videos as needed on walks 😀

    • Thanks 🙂 Got footage of the horse approaching us in the field yesterday – my camera actually had enough battery, just, so that’s a relief!

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