Funny bunny!

Aubree’s world keeps expanding.

She started off with such a small area of the room, it’s funny to think back 🙂

A few days ago she got the entire room to hop around in, and then yesterday we also let her roam the hallway for the first time too. The new layout we have for her is so much better, as it’s almost impossible for her to run into the crate door; in fact she has the layout remembered & hasn’t run into a single thing yet!



She came out for an hour and a half early yesterday and loved exploring her new kingdom, then we let her out again in the afternoon – she barely moved!! She came out for another few hours and spent 90% of the time sleeping XD


We’ve also been doing some grooming work Aubree these past few weeks, and it came in useful a few days back when we discovered a tangle.

Aubree was SO well behaved and sat munching her carrot as we trimmed the lug of hair, it was awesome 🙂

Now if only I can find a way to easily trim her nails, I really need to make that sandpaper lined digging box…




Interaction is definitely the hardest thing to get her comfortable with; imagine how scared you would be if you were blind AND deaf, and someone kept touching you!

Oh, I don’t think I’ve posted this video yet and it’s so funny / cute – here’s our little bun-girl not reacting to the vauum XD

Finally, I am really sick of people lying about rehoming their pets 😦

Yesterday we adopted a young African Pygmy Hedgehog.

He had already had two houses at 1 year old, and had lived with his current owners for 6 months. They said that although they loved him, they didn’t have time for him – they weren’t getting him out as much as they should and felt it wasn’t fair on him.

I asked lots of questions and they seemed so nice: they wanted no money, he came with full set-up and bags of extras, and he was healthy and had NEVER had any health issues.

They came around and dropped him off, but they left within a few minutes as the woman got teary.

I opened Flair’s viv (think we’re calling him this :D) and although he was in a hide sleeping I immediately thought ‘oh shit…’ because he sounded like a rodent with a URI.

Now of course I don’t have any real-life experience with hogs other than wild ones, so I had no idea if this was normal…I knew they were snuffly and grunty, but Flair was wheezy and squeaky.

I woke him up and he was sneezing almost constantly and his wheezing was so bad, it was awful. Sometimes he really struggled to get breath 😦

Once he was up you could hear him squeaking when the doors were shut 😦

I was fuming.

You only had to listen to him with the doors shut and you’d know he was very sick, there was no way they can’t have known – first Aubree, now this!

We immediately called our vets as it says online they have an exotics vet, and the  vet we spoke to on the emergency line said said if it sounded like a URI it almost definitely was, and that the exotics vet is in Monday afternoon, so we’ll make an appt in the morning.

So that sucks…I absolutely HATE when a pet’s first experience has to be so negative; the first time we interact with him will be to put him in a carrier and take him to the vets, and after that it’ll be to give him Baytril 😦

Oh, and of course we now have two rooms dedicated to pets with URIs!

Hopefully Flair can recover, but he sounds dreadful…

Here’s a video where you can hear him:

Poor little guy.

And here’s after I decked his viv out; I had plans to switch the substrate but of course that can wait so we don’t add any extra stress…




2 thoughts on “Funny bunny!

  1. I’m sorry your hedgehog pygmy is poorly I hope it’s nothing too serious. That’s really bad of the people to lie. Also Aubrey looks very happy, I love seeing photos of her 🙂

    • Thank you…unfortunately it seems like he might not get better, but we’re hoping for a miracle. It’s sad because he’s so sweet 😦

      And yes, I can’t believe his old owners either lied about him being ill and left him to suffer, or just didn’t realise he was so poorly. I’m not sure which is worse…

      Thank you, Aubree is the happiest of bunnies haha, watching her makes me smile 🙂

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