Belated Easter (egg)

My parents sent up a parcel the weekend after I dislocated my knee.

They sent a card holding £20 so we could treat ourselves to a takeaway (and which we definitely didn’t just spend on toys for the pets!) and they sent up two doggy Easter eggs for the pups as well!

First I made Kasper pose with the eggs

Then I made him pose with the card, because it was about him after all 😀

It says “I think you’ll find there’s room on the sofa…”

And then he got to eat his Easter egg. Yes, the whole thing 😀

Here’s a really dull video of Kasper eating a chocolate egg surprisingly slowly!!

Raiden hasn’t eaten his egg yet as he had a poorly bum at the start of this week, so we’re taking things slowly…and he’ll probably get his egg in 1/3’s as he’s a lot smaller than Kasper 😀

Also I just realised I never posted the video of our once terrified rats taking treats by hand!

I don’t know where this bravery came from – I wasn’t even sure I’d ever get Jeffrey eating from hand and look at him go! Very proud. I know it’s through the cage bars, but this was unimaginable not so long ago 🙂

It might have taken a month, but it was all done on their own terms and they’re so happy with themselves!


6 thoughts on “Belated Easter (egg)

  1. Congratulations, that’s amazing! How much more progress do you think you will make? I had a friend who had rats from a breeder they friendly it’s sad how scared yours are, even now you can see the difference to my friends. I know a lot of ppl would’ve given up on Jeffrey and donnie by now or rushed them, so we’ll done 🙂

    • Thanks, I’m not sure how much progress we’ll end up making over their lives…I’m certain I can get them feeding from my hand in the cage (rather than through the bars) but other than that I’m not sure

      Once they are fully grown we have some pen panels we can use to corner off a small area, so they can have time out the cage if they enjoy it…but as for interacting with me, I think taking treats is as far as it will get.

      Breeder rats are definitely the way to go haha and you’re right they do act very different. Confident rats are always a joy to watch and own. I wouldn’t mind not getting these boys to be able to be handled as long as they are happy though 🙂

      I’m just glad I’ve managed to own them for a few months without getting bitten; after their old owner was bitten so many times I was worried about that – rat bites aren’t pleasant 😀

  2. Ahhh congrats on the hand feeding!! Your patience and care definitely paid off in the end! Hope they continue to improve their confidence over time 🙂

    • Thanks!! I had to clean them out yesterday and they weren’t in their normal igloo, they were in the plant pot instead…I had to get really close to them and, although they didn’t bolt, it did freak them out a lot. I imagine they’ll take a day or two to forgive me and hand feed again! 😀

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