Baytril & guinea pigs

So I posted at the start of this week about our guinea pigs’ horrific vet visit.

Since then we have tried our usual tricks to get Baytril into them – Baytril is one of the worst tasting things out there (trust me, I’ve licked a splash by accident!) and it’s the thing that gets prescribed to most small pets, from mice to chickens.

Normally we can hide Baytril in the animals’ treats, and they wolf it up.

Unfortunately, after the vet restrained Loaf when she was already stressed and roughly syringed Baytril into her mouth, every time she smells / tastes it, she freaks.

It’s been quite a battle.

(Loaf shows off her pretty colours)


Here are the things we have tried and, if you have a guinea pig, try these too!

(for smaller rodents, see the end, I’ll tag some on – you never know who this might help!)

For guinea pigs

The lettuce trick – mix the Baytril with a small amount of diluted Ribena drink, and put a drop on a small curled piece of lettuce, like a bowl. Most pigs will eat this.

Nugget soaking – put the smallest drop of Baytril & ribena Β onto the guinea pigs’ nuggets. Most nuggets readily absorb the liquid, and Chelsea preferred this to lettuce.

Carrot boat – make a small dint in a piece of carrot, and add ribena and Baytril.

If all else fails we have found this works best of all.

Baby food Baytril mix – this is the one way we have Loaf eating Baytril. Get a small blob of baby food that has fruits and vegetables as the ONLY ingredients. Mix in a small amount of ribena and Baytril, and serve.

Loaf ate 75% of her dose the first day we tried this, and almost 100% the second πŸ™‚

Chelsea has eaten every drop both days.

If all else fails, we would of course syringe the Baytril directly into the mouths, but for now when they’re taking it well we’ll avoid adding any extra stress!

For mice and rats

Drop the Baytril onto jam, babyfood, digestive bisuits or mayonnaise.

Those are all the things I have read work best for hiding Baytril for small furries – personally we have had great success with jam and digestive biscuits πŸ™‚

Back to the pigs!

For the first few days after the vets, the pigs HATED their daily cuddle time. It made me so sad because I have a great relationship with both and Chelsea especially loves snuggling with me 😦

Finally today the girls are getting back to normal, and we had some lovely snugs today ^__^


Me and Slice could sit like this for hours, she snuggles right up to me!

Most people are awed by Loaf’s colouring, funky fur and kissy lips…but Chelsea is a very, very pretty girl too πŸ™‚

Then, whilst Chelsea Slice went back home and ate her baby food med mix, Loaf came out for her cuddle!

Loaf is much more relaxed, and puts up with almost anything – it’s what made me so sad at the vets, if he’d tried it with Chelsea she’d have at least bitten him!!

When you cuddle Loaf she loves scritches, and often gets close to dozing πŸ™‚


I’m really happy right now, not just that my girls are eating their meds but because they seem to be turning back into the confident, loving pigs that they were pre-vet visit πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Baytril & guinea pigs

    • They look very odd together because they both look so different, so I think it’s easy for people to fixate on one and forget about the other (usually Chelsea is forgotten bless her), but they really are both beautiful!

  1. Aww I hope Chelsea and Loaf are back to their usual selves soon. I love how they look so placid and relaxed snuggling with you. On the medicine front I know for degus you can use crocks ( to put the medicine inside as crocks are basically crack for degus lol but I’m not sure if they are suitable for guinea pigs as the packaging only shows rabbits, degus and chinchillas.

    • Thank you, we adopted an African Pygmy Hedgehog yesterday who seems to have the worst URI I’ve ever seen – vet visit tomorrow / today. Not only do URIs suck to treat but I hate that they can pass from rodent to rodent, too, so we’ve got two different sick rooms atm!

      Oh I hadn’t thought about Crocks for the pigs actually, I’ll have to check out the ingredients…it’d be good to have an emergency ‘best food ever’ on hand, and we do have rabbits, degus and chinchillas haha πŸ˜€

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