Muzzles & nail work

As I said, after dislocating my knee on Friday I was somewhat housebound, so me and Kasper have been doing a lot of training 🙂

We’ve had some incredible progress with his nails.

On one front paw all the nails are trimmed now – I use clippers on the white nails (I have grown in confidence and actually almost enjoy trimming now!) and file the black nails. Kasper has super thick nails so you can imagine how tough the black ones are.

To say Kasper used to get highly uncomfortable with me touching his paw, I’m amazed that we’ve made it to the point where we can clip his nails 🙂

It’s only recently that he has gotten so comfortable and we can finally make good progress on the length of his nails…just last Autumn I couldn’t use clippers on him, and I thought we’d never make progress.

One white nail trimmed, a black nail untrimmed

Same paw and same nails, black one after filing 🙂

I think the chalky white bit on the black nail means I am getting close to the quick, any nail experts, is that right?

And, for the first time EVER, Kasper let me trim the hair on his paws with strimmers – a few years back he would flee the room when we used hair strimmers 😀

His paw looks so cute and pretty!!

And then on his left paw we have all but one nails clipped, and that paw has now been shaved too 🙂

We’re slowly making good progress on his talons…

Onto the muzzle work, where we had something awesome happen too – Kasper has started leaving his nose in there and waiting, for the first time ever!!

I think we’ve been (very sporadically) working on this for a year now, and finally he will leave his nose in 🙂

We start with a few repititions of him going in and out, then I feed treats through the muzzle…

…and then he holds it for just a few seconds.

Next step, after building up the time he’ll stay in there, will be moving my hand towards him, to begin fastening the muzzle.

We’ll work up to touching him, then fiddling with straps, and finally fastening it just for a second.

Again, with this dog you have to take some things reeeaaally slowly.

If I pushed him several times a day, we could possibly get in done in around a month…but taking it at a leisurely pace and with me forgetting to work on it daily, it’ll be a while yet 😛

Oh also, I tidied one side of his ‘skirt’ (our name for the long hair under his tail)…only one side because of how he was lying, so he looks hilarious when he walks now!

This is something else the old Kasper would never have tolerated, so he’s kinda rocking it.


2 thoughts on “Muzzles & nail work

  1. So about the quick! When you are filing you noticed that powdery white, you should go a bit farther to get the short as possible before the quick. Before you hit the quick you notice that a dot will form in the middle of the nail. Black on black nailed dogs and pink on white nailed dogs! Soon as you see that stop! It’s what we do for the dremel.

    But great work with Kasper! I love hearing of the progress.

    • Okay cool, thanks for the information – good to know I can go a little further! It’s what I love about filing, getting to the quick isn’t as scary as with clippers 😀

      Thanks! He’s come a long, long way 🙂

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