Out pops the kneecap!

So you may have noticed we have been missing since the end of last week…or you probably haven’t haha, but we have 🙂

Last Thursday our internet killed itself, and left us somewhat in the lurch.

Then on Friday, I dislocated my knee…being housebound with no internet was crud, apparently I rely on the internet a lot when I can’t go out 😀

Raiden was in the room when I dislocated my knee, but luckily my partner had just picked him up to go put him to bed, so he wasn’t too freaked out when I screamed…I felt terrible though.

My partner was dithering not knowing what to do (he guessed what had happened because I dislocated my knee about four years ago). After screaming I managed to calm myself for a few seconds and then said in my happy-dog-voice “go put the puppy away please!”

Thankfully my knee didn’t pop and stay out. I heard a sound like a branch snapping and felt it come out, but it went straight back in.

My partner called 111 to ask if we needed to go to hospital, as I reeeaaally didn’t want to, and last time I went in for a dislocated knee they just made it worse. I was pretty sure I could recover from it faster on my own.

We spoke to 111, then a clinician phoned back 45 minutes later, and I didn’t need to go to A&E, yay!

So that was our Friday. Over the weekend I did very little walking (a 20 minute walk each day) and then yesterday we went further and traveled to my favourite pet shop.

I probably pushed my knee a little too far yesterday, but only because there were no seats on the train (rocking train is not good!), the place we went to was hilly (hills are the hardest) and we ended up standing at the pet shop for 2 hours talking to the staff member we know well 😀

It’s not bad at all though, I seem to bounce back from dislocated knees quickly ^__^

Over the weekend, because I was super bored, I cleaned out all the pets that I didn’t need to bend down for. I trained the dogs (mainly Kasper, not seen Rey much as he likes standing / springing off my knees!!!) and I trimmed Kasper’s paws and cut his nails.

I’m not very good at staying still or taking it easy…

For now I’ll post some pics of our loot from yesterday, and what we did with it…but I’ll probably be blogging a lot because I have a ton of photos and I can’t do much else, so forgive me!

My parents sent us a card with £20 in as a ‘get well soon’ token, and here is where the money (and a little extra!) went 😉

The horrifying balloon-animal-esque dog toy monster was bought with my partner’s half of the money for Raiden – it’s really quite scary!!


How would that thing walk?!

The piggles (who are a bit sneezy atm and have a vet appt today) got a cool wooden treat bowl which, when emptied of treats, can be used as a food bowl too!

“Mum, what is this?!”


“Chelsea, this is so tasty!!”

“My turn Loaf, I need to grow more than you do…”

Aubree bun got a corn rattle toy, which she spent all night destroying 🙂

The quail girls got a new waterer…they had one of the traditional mushroom-shaped ones ones you use for chickens (but obviously much smaller!), however the water stopped coming out. Several times a day we’d have to go tip the damn thing so they could drink – we’ve had it less than 4 months!

Anyway, we bought them a large parrot waterer which does the job, was cheap, and they love it because they can see the bubbles as they drink – they chase them madly and peck at them!!


The rattie boys were the spoiled ones of the day though, and got a new rope, a branch and a corn roller too!

Despite being a small cage (because remember these boys are extremely nervous, and hated the bigger cage) I think it looks great atm, and they seem very happy 🙂

And now I’ll just post pics to show how confident they are…remember how it took me eight days to see Donnie up close and see what colour he was?! Well look how they pootle about with me taking photos now!

I’m not saying they don’t still scuttle off and startle, but they no longer bolt with absolute terror, and everyday we get a tiny step closer to Donnie taking a treat from my fingers 🙂

(the agouti one is Jeffrey who is much more timid – I can even get pics of him now!)




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