Binky bunny!

I finally caught Aubree doing a binky properly on cam – my life is complete!!

Remember as you watch this that Aubree is a deaf and blind bunny – now how incredible is the speed of that binkying bun?!

If you’re wondering what the dog puzzle feeder Aubree was scoffing from, it was this one:


She loooved it 🙂

She also had fun snuffing out her new bed, although didn’t stand full on it – she did throw it about though!

Raiden also did much better with the bed today, and Kasper spent all of last night sleeping on it – he found it out in the hall and fell in love, so we brought it into the bedroom and he spent the night there = HILARIOUS!


Gecko guy seems to be settling in well…look at his cute little face!

Can you spot him here?

And we have his food set up in a lovely little RUB too, with plenty of veg, hides and things to climb. Just because they’re going to be fed to Seth doesn’t mean these locusts shouldn’t have as nice a time as possible too 🙂

And yes, before anyone asks, we are vegetarian, and yes I was vegan for over six years…but I feed my pets that need to eat meat, meat. My dogs eat a wide variety of meat, my gecko will eat live food, and my rats also eat meat.

I have no problem doing this; I’m not going to enforce my view about meat onto my pets.


4 thoughts on “Binky bunny!

  1. ahhhhh so sweet, i love your bunny Aubrey!!! too cute. love how youre insects have a little home and arent trapped in those tiny boxes 🙂

    • Thank you very much 😀

      Aubree is a real sweetheart, everyday she gets cuter…we swapped the room around so her run can be bigger, and she loves whizzing around the back and side of her crate 🙂

      Thanks, I really don’t like when reptile / amphibian owners leave the insects in the tiny tubs with no food or water…it just doesn’t sit right with me. We have a friend who says he loves *all* animals, then leaves the insects he feeds to his beardie in the worst conditions…it’s not like it takes much to set a little RUB up for them.

      (sorry for the late reply, we’ve had no internet!)

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