A fuzz & bun

Yup, pics of bunny girl and a few of Raiden today 🙂

Aubree used to have a foraging tray to eat from, which was basically a cat litter tray that I put her hay in and mixed in her pellets…forage away bunny girl!

The only issue was that when the tray was empty Aubree had the time of her life flinging it about, and on a metal crate base it bounced with a real clatter…of course *she* didn’t mind, because she’s deaf, but at 4am in the morning we did!

So I took out the tray, and I replaced it with with one of the large wooden tunnels, turned upside down. It’s wedged in real tight and it’s also heavy, so she shouldn’t be able to fling it madly…because it’s wooden she’s also welcome to chew it 🙂

It’s been in over 24 hours now and I haven’t seen her trying to dislodge it, phew!

The good thing is it’s still big enough she can climb in and dig at her food, and the lip on the front will hopefully stop most of it rolling around her crate 😀

She loves her new large run. She comes out several hours a day and, after hopping about, she will just flop and rest a while

You can see the remnants of the DIY cardboard ball toys in the below photo…she empties them of food then pulls them apart and chews them 🙂

When she goes home after being out she always sleeps immediately XD

Raiden has been a HUGE PAIN IN THE ARSE today 😦

He’s having a real adolescent day…

He vaguely blew off his recall on his walk today (I don’t remember this EVER happening before!). I called him but apparently a sniff was better, so I ran and hid whilst he wasn’t looking…nothing like disappearing to get a dog to pay attention to recall! He came running and got some ham 🙂

He’s also been more of a pain around the house; the past few days we’ve only managed to have him out his crate for an hour or two at a time, and then he acts bored, restless and starts being ‘naughty’.

Also anytime we’ve tried to ignore him and leave him to his own devices (because if we constantly keep him busy, how will he ever learn to settle on his own?) he’s being a jerk.

Today for the first time ever he also decided Aubree was exciting. He pushed his nose to her crate and was sniffing and wagging his tail – not too excited, but too much for me and he wouldn’t come away immediately.

OH! And we bought him / Aubree a new bed today. It was bought for bunny, but Raiden will fit in it too…anyway Raiden just continuously dug at it and tried to get away with chewing it -__-

I don’t necessarily hold this against him, as Zoey did this and Kasper was dreadful with beds when he was younger…but it was annoying, especially after we’d already had a crappy day.

So yeah, not a good day for Raiden. Whereas he normally makes me feel calmer and happier, today I want to bang my head against the wall XD

But here are some pics from yesterday


And remember, I just said Raiden was being a pain with Aubree today – this was from yesterday!!


4 thoughts on “A fuzz & bun

    • Rey’s slap bang in adolescence, so I can’t blame him for having the odd iffy day…our pups don’t usually get that affected unless something incredibly stressful is happening. They seem to handle everyday turbulence well, which is lucky for us 🙂

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