Pyjama picnic: no dogs allowed!

We headed out for our picnic today – wow had it been one hell of a high tide!

The roads & grassland were flooded, and the tide had dragged a tree and dry stone wall back with it


When we reached the end of the world the expanse that is normally almost all dry, was covered in water.

Pic from today:

Pics from about a month ago – exact same location!

Can you believe that?! Crazy thing is the sea is such a distance from here, so it really must have been the highest tide in a long time!

We had to walk all along the coast to reach the cliffs, and we were slipping and sliding everywhere!


Right where we had our picnic, across the water there were cars smashing into each other at the race track…so that was peaceful XD

After eating we did some serious off roading with our own car…this thing is impossible to drive, but because the front wheels flip in all directions and there are wheels on the top, it never gets stuck!

Then we did some climbing…I was at a distinct disadvantage because I’m so short 😀



By this point the sun had disappeared; it was windy and getting cold, but at least it wasn’t raining!



And then we walked back along the flooded beach, and played pooh sticks at the bridge, picking some greens for the guinea pigs and bunny along the way 🙂



And that was our Sunday! Hope your’s was just as good 😉



4 thoughts on “Pyjama picnic: no dogs allowed!

  1. I wanna live where you live please. Is that you in the blue shirt or your partner? I am curious. Are you male/female? Just never seen your face. You (or your partner) look a lot like one of my managers who is red headed, but wow look a lot alike. I am so jealous though, I spent my entire week end working and then sleeping in the afternoon, I should be sleeping now actually…
    Have to be up at 5:30. Well nighty night

    • That’s my partner, I’m the one in the brown hoodie hiding 😀 I’m female, but at the moment I have really, really short hair, so could be mistaken for a boy…I shaved all my hair off whilst manic. My hair fluctuates a lot 😀 Haha I’m trying to imagine my partner with red hair now!!

      Hope you have a good night’s sleep, and you have a day off to relax soon!

      • I shaved my hair off to cause of a manic! I had short hair for three yrs, tried to grow it, got manic and shaved it. I been now growing my hair back since last year in May. I slept well, but got cranky when the alarm went off. I also had a break down at work. I just hit my limit and screamed at a bank lady(opps. I did say sorry)..I feel bad though, I had a hr break because I had to figure out this stupid bank issue. Then I left a half hr early cause I had nothing to eat during my break(I am type 2 diabetic) and I felt bad. Also decided to go back to physical therapy cause well… my ankles are swelling up, feels like I have to much amino acid build up in them after standing up for 8hrs and then walking home.

      • Haha no way! I’ve had short hair a lot throughout the years, by choice…like a inch or two long…but I’ve really shaved it down this time, it’s only about 1cm! Easier to maintain than long hair though 😀

        Ugh, sorry you had a crappy day.

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