9 months of awesome

Raiden will turn 10 months old in a week and a half. For now he is 9 months of awesome.

Here are some photos of the scruffball from the last few days.

We had a very wet walk yesterday; Raiden’s great in mid-rain, but when it gets heavy he isn’t thrilled. Thankfully we stayed in the field close to the house and he could be off lead when it was really belting it down, and we still all enjoyed ourselves!


Soggy & unimpressed!!

Rey is the king of mad rolling when we get back off rainy walks, and he does it so well he feels dry within a minute or two 😀

We recently discovered a puzzle feeder that I haven’t seen for years – I think it’s been in a box of junk since we moved into this house!

Anyway, it’s a really cool puzzle feeder so I stuck a handful of kibble in there and gave it to Raiden…puzzle feeders usually hold his attention, and he LOVED this one 🙂


You can actually make the opening smaller, so the kibble is harder to get out, but I felt it fully open for Rey – partly because it was his first time with this, but also because Lukullus kibble can be up to an inch long!!

Great fun was had by all.

In general he’s still getting better at being out and about in the house. We caught him settle down to chew an antler the other day – it lasted all of 30 seconds, and it was only because we’d spent the last half hour ignoring him, but it happened!

His stays are constantly getting better too. I don’t remember the last time I asked him to stay and he whined or fidgeted, although we’re still only doing them for about ten seconds. I do think I can tell that his patience is improving in quite a few ways though.

He took himself off to the footstool the other day and was lounging there for about a minute, not really doing anything 🙂

He’s a bit of a star.

My partner walked both the dogs before I got up today, which I was miffed about – I love walking Rey, especially when the weather’s nice, and today I woke up feeling energetic…but my partner wasn’t to know that, it’s impossible to know how I’ll wake up on any given day.

We then came up with the idea of going for a picnic seeing as the weather’s nice, and we could take my camera, our remote control car, and collect weeds for the pigs and bunny while we were out.

Hopefully we can enjoy a nice sunny Sunday 🙂



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