Raiden, you are the BEST

Today we  were having a great day.

We had a fab walk with Raiden…the beach was flooded, and he dove into a ditch of water because he thought it was solid ground!!

He came out all bedraggled, it was so funny. I carried him across the really flooded areas as the water was really deep; there was literally no dry route…carrying my baby across water = so cute!

Afterwards we walked Kasper with a friend, and then our friend came into the house and we relaxed for a while. This is the first time I’ve socialised with friends in over a month.

We let Aubree bun out and played some games, then my partner and our friend went to go buy food whilst I stayed at home and got Raiden out of his crate…this is where it all went wrong.

As I was in the kitchen I noticed one of our guinea pigs was very ill – as in, needs to be PTS ill. She was my favourite, and only young 😦

I phoned my partner when we were upstairs and Rey had a puzzle toy, and I was just heartbroken.  After I’d spoken on the phone I automatically sat down and just put my head into my hands.

This is where all that training I’ve done with Rey came in useful!

As soon as I put my head in my hands Raiden came over, jumped up until I took my hands away, and began covering me in kisses. It was so perfect, and *so* needed 🙂

Once he’d got me to focus on him, he kept my focus. We played, did some training, and cuddled.

THIS is why I need Raiden, and a perfect example of what an outstanding dog he is.

Something went horribly wrong, I was really upset, and I was in the house without my partner. I was sad, Raiden did what he has been trained to do, and he helped me cope.

When my partner & friend got back, I let Raiden go greet them at the door. This is the first time he has met someone in months (since December he had only met two people).

Again the distraction training paid off.

Even in full excitement Raiden came away from meeting our friend when called, offered sits etc. It was absolutely amazing, and so needed 🙂

Thank you little fuzzy one, from the bottom of my heart ❤



5 thoughts on “Raiden, you are the BEST

    • She had to be PTS…and we had a new guinea pig cage arrive today, and now there’s only two piggles to fill it 😦 Raiden was amazing, I couldn’t live without this dog!

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