Goin’ manic, updates for all

After a month of depression which left me unable to do pretty much anything, I woke up yesterday to find I was soaring.

I don’t hit the criteria for mania yet, just hypomania, but by god it’s good to have some energy!!

Yesterday we brought the quail cage upstairs, I cleaned them out, fed all the pets, cleaned a few of the others, trained the dogs, walked both the dogs…in the week previously I didn’t manage one short dog walk a day, yesterday I did three biggies with ease!!

One of the hardest things about Bipolar for me is trying to wrap my head around immediate changes in energy and behaiour…I don’t think most people realise quite how much of an affect your mood has on everything.

Anyway, it feels good to have energy and, until it gets too intense, I shall enjoy this manic episode!

Pics: here’s a day’s worth of puzzle feeders – this was the first thing I did upon waking and discovering I had energy 🙂

Most of them are for Rey. He eats mostly wet food, so it’s really easy to stuff in toys, but a few were for Kasper.

We moved the quail upstairs yesterday, and they are SO much happier!

In this low episode I’ve barely spent any time with them, and while they’ve of course been looked after by my partner, they were calling and calling several times a day, and it turns out they were calling for me! ❤

We’ve wanted to bring them upstairs for a week or so now, but I just didn’t have the energy…an XXL dog crate is heavy and a pain to get up the stairs!!

Since coming up the girls are so much happier, and of course I love having them in the room. They spend a lot of time sitting close and watching us 🙂

I added some hay to the girls coop today, in an igloo, as I noticed they were consistently laying their eggs in the dust bathing area. Quail are supposed to drop eggs wherever they are, they’re not supposed to nest, but I wanted to see if perhaps they’d like a cosy private place to lay.

Well, look what happened!


I’ve since given them a bigger igloo (a rabbit sized one) so they can both lay together if they wanted, but how cute is this nest?? 🙂

The rattie boys are growing like weeds and, although still incredibly nervous, there is improvement.

They both come out and explore whilst we’re in the room and talking (this never used to happen).

Because I’ve associated me opening the cage and talking to them with food, Donnie sneaks out the igloo and stands watching at the back of the cage when I approach the cage and open the door – that feels good, that he’s actually excited and understands I bring good things, even if he’s too scared to be out in the open.

I changed the layout of their small cage today, and they coped pretty well with it – they hid for 20 minutes after I left them to it, but bounced back within half an hour. Not bad considering it used to take them hours!

Aubree-bun continues to have fun in her pen, and we made it bigger the other day.


It takes up half our room now, so she has a lot of space to binky 🙂

She picked up the new layout after just a few minutes, but she did run headfirst into the crate door again recently – she keeps pushing it away from the wall, then doesn’t understand she needs to avoid it *sigh*

Unfortunately after discovering she can jump on top of the orange cushion, she seemed to think there was this secret world above her that she didn’t know about, and she started randomly flinging herself upwards to see if something was there.

Here’s the cushion that caused it all; incidentally she’s thinking about jumping here…

She also flung herself vertically in her crate the other night (bad, bad idea!) and you can see she is preparing to jump here too – because there’s definitely something above her, right?! *rolls eyes*


Thankfully this behaviour seems to be dying down, but sheesh!

The plank you can see above was a little tunnel for her. She loved to whiz through, but we had to remove it after she ran into it – didn’t hurt herself haha!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So, Aubree is going from strength to strength. She still hasn’t had a single accident after litter training, and she’s very confident initiating contact with us.

Here she is checking me out and climbing on me 🙂





2 thoughts on “Goin’ manic, updates for all

    • Thanks! We love our babies, I need to try get photos of the rattie boys, but it’s hard when I can only take pics from across the room 😛

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