Blind rabbit litter training update

Well, it’s been a few days and Aubree hasn’t had a single accident outside her litter tray 😀

How cool is that?! She still does quite a few poops everywhere, but as I said that’s fine – I sweep them up once a day and it’s all good. The weeing was the main thing I wanted her to use a tray for and she is doing, so I can’t complain!

This is her set up now:

The large red tray is her toilet, the purple smaller tray is her foraging food bowl, and the blue mat is just a bath mat. I used this to provide her with a comfortable place to lie (not that she minded, she was forever lying on the metal base!) and also to dull her hopping about, as we sleep in the same room as her!

As you can see she has a puzzle feeder above the litter tray, to make it a very enjoyable place to be!

Here’s her layout with the crate open:

She has started jumping on top of the orange cushion to the left of her crate. It’s protecting a wire and preventing her from getting down the back of the crate – seriously, how does a blind rabbit jump up there?!

As ever, happy bunny-ness 🙂

Can you believe she hasn’t had an accident? I feel as proud as when we were housetraining Rey haha!


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