A camera, a dog, a walk

I’ve been struggling with finding enjoyment in anything, so the other day I took my camera on Kasper’s walk to try have a more enjoyable time.

It didn’t really work, but I got some photos, so I thought I’d share them.

It was really, really sunny. I struggle with light sensitivity anyway, usually depending on how bad my psychosis is, so I was just blinded on this walk haha. At one point I told my partner to walk ahead without me, and I’d sit on a stile and wait, with my back to the sun!


Sometimes I have a weird eye for photos…I’ll see something most other people wouldn’t look twice at, and even though it’s of nothing I have to take a photo. This walk was full of instances like that, so I’m sorry I have to bore you with a lot of photos that don’t involve Kasper!!


I also love b&w photography, so I rely on it a lot…I’m trying to take less b&w photos, but because I like them so much it’s not working!



I took a lot of photos of wood / trees…and walls.

Total opposites

Not many more now!

So that was our walk. I did take some really cute photos of Kasper – he was very responsive and willing to pose, so I had to take advantage of that! I’ll post them later 🙂


6 thoughts on “A camera, a dog, a walk

    • Thank you so much 🙂 That was one of my least favourite pics as well so I really appreciate you saying it’s your favourite!! 😉

    • Thanks, that really means a lot. I saw that chain and really wanted to get a nice photo of it; wasn’t sure I managed it, so thank you 🙂

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