Litter training a blind rabbit

I have so many things I want to write about, but finding the energy is hard at the moment.

I really enjoy blogging, but more and more I’m struggling not to spend post after post moaning about how shit life is and how ready to give up I am.

I have my other blog to talk more about mental health stuff, or post how I’m doing day-to-day…but all I seem to be doing everywhere at the moment is whining and raging.

It sucks, I suck, life sucks; blah blah blah.

I’m finding it hard to concentrate on anything other than the fact I feel horrible.

*moan moan moan*

Currently I’m trying to litter training Aubree.

I’ve litter trained both my previous rabbits – Lenny was semi-litter trained already, Iden I trained from scratch.

It was incredibly easy to litter train Iden; put some peed on substrate in the tray, put the tray in his favourite corner, add hay and a feeder above so he has things to keep him busy – and tada! He did the rest!

Aubree is much harder. First of all she’s blind, but that shouldn’t make too much of a difference – she just needs to be able to find the tray.

The real problem was that Aubree toilets in three different places.

For the past week I’ve been whittling her down to just toileting in one corner. I cleaned the other areas out every day and scrubbed them down, but left one corner to get nice and smelly (!).

Three days she has used just the one corner to pee in now. She still poops everywhere of course, but I can deal with sweeping them up everyday 🙂

Today I introduced the litter tray I want her to pee in; it’s the base from an old second-hand hamster cage, so it’s nice and large.

I put all the soiled substrate in, and have since added her bottle puzzle feeder above it and scattered hay on top. I read that rabbits are more likely / happier to use litter trays if you give them reason to stay there, ie. food!

Certainly that seemed to help with Iden, and after a while when he fully understood where to toilet, we could stop putting food in there too.

After sorting out the litter tray I emptied Aubree’s crate of all other substrate, to try discourage her from using anywhere else as a toilet

Thankfully she has zero issues with walking on the metal floor (our last rabbit hated it), and because our house gets incredibly warm she seems to love lying on it already – in fact she is doing so now, sprawled out on her side 🙂

She really is an incredibly beautiful rabbit.

It’s the first day still, so I can’t comment on if the litter training will work, but it would be nice if it did.

In other news she is still loving her play time in the pen!

She binkies all over the place, it’s far too cute – I keep trying to get it on film but haven’t really managed it yet. She never runs into anything, she has the entire pen and crate layout memorised – the one time she had a collision was when she had pushed the open crate door away from the wall, and she ran head first into it!!

And of course she’s still the floppiest bunny ever…she’s constantly melting and sprawling on her side. Oh the adorableness 🙂




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