Kong Traxx and ratties

I already posted how great we think the Traxx is, but today Raiden tried it for the first time and holy cow this toy is amazing!!

So first of all we love the Traxx because Kasper couldn’t destroy it, even though he really tried. But secondly, this puzzle feeder kept Rey busy for FORTY MINUTES!!

Raiden has no patience (really, none…I’ll post some training videos to prove this soon!!) and he gets bored of food and puzzle feeders insanely quickly. He will leave filled bones after a few minutes of licking at the food, and he almost always leaves Kongs half full because he can’t be bothered working to get the food out the bottom.

Again…the Traxx lasted him forty minutes!! It’s incredible!

Here’s a long, dull video of Raiden emptying the Traxx…it starts with him running upstairs and being happy-wriggly, and from 4.25 onwards it’s just him goofing about and playing 🙂

The rats have been in their smaller cage for almost two full days now, and they seem to feel much more secure in there.

I managed to get some fairly okay photos of Donnie

Today’s the first time I have seen Donnie clearly up close – until today he has been so scared and speedy that although I knew he wasn’t all white, I hadn’t seen what he really looked like.

He has large splodges of off-white on him, a very very pale beige-grey. He’s so cute!

They’re really growing like weeds too, definitely bigger than Syrians now 🙂

Jeffrey is still terrified of the world, he is far more fearful than Donnie. Do you see him, peeking out the bottom right corner?

I’ve actually been lucky enough to see Jeffrey a few times today, and I even managed to get this photo of him – I was sat right at the opposite side of the room, which means the quality isn’t so good because I had to have my camera zoomed right in!

Jeffrey startles at anything, and even when the room is silent he often jumps, freaks out, and flees.

Both the boys completely lose their heads if they get frightened, and they can get frightened over nothing. If they decide something scary has happened they will just bolt (into anything), or if they’re up by the roof instead of running down objects to the ground they just drop – their terror completely clouds all judgement.

Because they are both so overwhelmed and petrified of the world, they also increase each other’s fear.

At one point when Jeffrey was actually brave enough to come out and get a drink of water, something (nothing) made Donnie jump a little, which terrified Jeffrey which in turn sent Donnie racing into a plantpot in fear!!

Video footage – you’ll notice that they won’t eat in the open; in fact I’ve never seen Jeffrey frequent the food bowl! His brother Donnie carries all the food to the nest, piece by piece, and they eat in there ❤

This video really highlights quite how fearful Jeffrey is – these boys have been with us eight days now; with most rodents we have seen significant progress by now.

(oh, keep an eye out for Donnie’s splodges too!)

The smaller cage has definitely made a huge difference – whether it’s the size, increase in hides or the fact it’s surrounded on three sides, I don’t know…but their confidence is slowly increasing.

I was super excited when I got to see Donnie going up to the food bowl with the cage door open – I was stood right there and, apart from a few minor freak outs, he was fine 🙂

It saddens me so much to see Pets At Home selling rats this fearful.

Where must these rats have come from to be so totally scared of the world? Had they ever been handled before being sold from Pets At Home?

The boys are a work in progress; I think in another few weeks they’ll both be wandering around the cage with a lot less fear and anxiety…I can’t wait until I have two happier rattie boys on my hands 😉


3 thoughts on “Kong Traxx and ratties

    • Thanks! Yeah, I think they’ll settle in okay…I had a rat-wise friend warn me to wear gardening gloves every time I put my hands in their cage; thankfully they seem to be more flight than fight, but I’ll be watching them closely!!

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