Easter = bunny update!

So I thought what better way to celebrate Easter than update you all on how Aubree is doing? 🙂

For any new readers who don’t know her story, Aubree is a young female rabbit we adopted from a ‘breeder’ who was reducing their stock. It became instantly obvious to us that Aubree was blind, and a few days after we came to realise she was also deaf.

We moved Aubree into a 120cm rabbit cage but, as the cage was only ever supposed to be her base cage, it was heartbreaking that she couldn’t come out and free range – the raised lip on the cage base meant that no matter what we tried she didn’t understand how to get out.

Recently we moved her into an XXL dog crate as a base cage, and not only has this given her much more room but, because there’s basically no lip, she finds getting in and out easy – she is fearless now!

She has a penned area where she comes out to play, and after a few visits out she was comfortable with the layout and very confident hopping about.

Although the pen area isn’t the biggest, it’s a wonderful size for her and we can easily extend it whenever we want 🙂

Because our room is only small, and Aubree is in her crate when there’s a dog about, the pen’s very easy to fold away and acts as a barrier so Kasper can’t fixate on her too!

To give you some insight into how happy she is to explore and how willingly close to us she comes, here’s a little video 🙂

Having Aubree come out into a pen has made our taming process much easier – she has room to explore, can come up to us on her own terms and I’ve even managed to stroke her sides several times with no fear / startling at all!

She happily climbs onto our laps ❤

She also recently discovered her puzzle toys in a big way, and she’s really enjoying emptying them of treats. She has the DIY bottle toy and a simple plastic basket to empty.

The pink litter tray is actually what I put her food in – I call it her foraging tray.

Previously she did have a bowl tied to the crate bars (so she couldn’t knock it over or lose it) but it was only big enough for her pellets, and I like giving her a little mental stimulation by hiding her food in hay.

I noticed with the food bowl she would dig the food out and then hunt for it on the floor, in the substrate, so I thought the litter tray was a good way for her to be able to forage whilst also keeping all the food in a relatively small area.

In case anybody is worried by the wires in her pen, I’m very much aware bunnies can chew through them quickly, but as Aubree is blind she hasn’t targeted them once. She is never left unsupervised in the pen, when she is out I am with her and watching her 24/7. We do plan on covering them, but so far she hasn’t been interested 🙂

I am so happy she can come out of her cage now, and have some room to play. As ever she is just the happiest rabbit I have known, and we’re so lucky to have her.


8 thoughts on “Easter = bunny update!

  1. Aww she’s just so adorable, I’m glad she’s gotten braver, she’s very cute and I’m sure is going to live a very long and happy life with you

    • Thank you 🙂 I’m so impressed with how quickly she got the layout of the pen – literally the second time out she was zooming around at top speed and turning at all the corners 🙂

    • Hahaha thank you! I entirely forgot it was Easter until my parents reminded me on the phone, and thought what better way to have an Easter-themed blog than celebrate Aubree? 🙂

  2. Let me first tell you a quick explanation of me right now: I have been battling bipolar/depression since I was a young girl(7), and the only thing that ever cures me of these moment of sadness, are animals. I have loved animals and have had a pet with me for 25yrs(I am 25…so since birth). I love animals so much, I have decided to become a vet assistant. I just today had to put down my last pet, my fish Arwen(there are two ways of putting a fish down…rather not say, it wasn’t nice to watch but it was extremely quick, literally with in seconds).

    Ok that wasn’t quick, but I want to say this post put a smile on my face that I so desperately needed. To see you care and love this animal makes me so happy. I had caught my self smiling so big that my cheeks burned with joy. It makes me happy! Happy Easter(a day late) and I love reading your posts about your pets!

    • Thank you so much for this comment, and I’m sorry to hear about your fish 😦

      I have a similar background to you – depression from a very young age (later diagnosed Bipolar), and always found solace in my pets. This was especially true with my hen Milly, who I had aged 14-19…she would sit on my lap at every opportunity and cuddle with me, and was the light of my life 🙂

      I had all sorts of pets growing up though, and from about 12 years old they were all 100% my responsibility – I did everything with them.

      I’m glad this post made you smile 🙂 I love my pets and can’t imagine life without them – my family especially do not understand and look down on the number of pets we have, but I get a lot of enjoyment from my fuzzies and I like to think we make each other happy 🙂

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