Waiting for the Gotcha gifts…

Kasper enjoyed the rest of his 5 year Adoptiversary yesterday.

There were plenty of snuggles

Games of tug

And lots of puzzle feeder fun.

The Tux was actually better than we thought it would be. It did only take Kasper about five minutes to empty it, but it would be a lot longer frozen and after being filled several times it’s not even scratched.

We stuffed it with some new Forthglade wet food; we love this company and their ingredients rock!



Bonus pics:

“Pretty sure you’re supposed to play with me all day on my Gotcha…”

“That’s right, all your attention must be on me”

*excited gasp* “Dad’s filling my Tux!!!”

Kasper’s new bed and Kong Traxx from Zooplus are supposed to arrive today – I can’t wait, I hope he likes them 🙂



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