We’ve (kind of) moved :P

Anybody who’s followed our blog for a while knows that we’ve moved house…A LOT!

Kasper has been through *thinks* six house moves with us, and me and my partner have probably had close to a dozen moves in the 6.5 years we have been together – pretty impressive really!

But we both love our current house – we love the house, the area and the nearby walks…it might have taken us a while, but we’re finally happy and settled.

So no, we haven’t moved house again. But we have moved our living room haha šŸ˜‰

Our house is a fairly small two bedder: living room and kitchen downstairs, upstairs there’s a hallway leading to a small double room, a tiny bathroom, and a smaller double room.

We thought we’d do something crazy and have our living room upstairs.

We cleared out what was the spare room (which was previously full of junk) and brought some minimal furniture up here to act as the living room – it’s only tiny remember!

Then the plan is we clear the bedroom out too, and that can act as a bedroom and a quiet zone…so in the day the entire top floor would be open and whichever dog was out could wander from room to room, chill on the landing etc šŸ™‚

The kitchen remains the dogs’ crate room, and the living room becomes my dog training / pet room – how exciting!

Aubree will stay downstairs in a fairly large pen area, probably with the chin girls too. I’ll set up some bits and bobs that can be used for energetic dog training too, such as mats, my weaves, tunnel etc.

And upstairs is our main area where we spend most our time šŸ™‚

My partner went out and bought some paint today (he said it was incredibly stressful and he was terrified of picking the wrong colour, bless him!) – he came back with the PERFECT colours!

One’s a browny-grey colour called ‘soft clay’ and the other is a lighter bluey grey called – are you ready for this?! – ‘light grey’ šŸ˜€

We have never painted or decorated a house before, so it’s all incredibly exciting haha!

And here’s our mini living room whilst we wait for the bedroom to be cleared of clutter šŸ™‚

Plenty of room and blankets for us all to snuggle together on the giant footstool!!


Then we have a wall of books which need sorting, and there’ll be a table to the left with the ratties on top too, once the painted walls are dried and fume-free!

TV and, to the left, that’s a spare rodent cage base I’ve used to hold all my hats (hahaha I love hats!) and next to the hats you can just see our dog treat and Kong-making station too šŸ˜›

Raiden came up earlier and acted like it was the most natural thing in the world for him to be up here – even though he’d NEVER been in this room before!

Kasper, too, has been completely calm in here, although he hasn’t been in since the summer before last.

Can’t wait to get painting, I’ll probably be posting progress pics tomorrow!

Also, I’m really glad we amended what we were getting Kasper for his Gotcha Day, because he really needs a new bed haha! At the moment he’s making do with two flat, poor quality beds and a bathroom mat – if that’s not neglect, I don’t know what is šŸ˜›

Don’t worry Kasp, you’ll have a flashy new faux-leather bed in a few days time!


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