Thanks Amazon Prime…

Amazon have fucked up again.

We have Prime thanks to my dad, which is supposed to mean that if we order something with ‘Prime delivery’, it will arrive the next day.

It isn’t as good as it sounds though, because it only seems to have 60% success rate of arriving the next day…so really, what’s the point?!

The worst thing is that Amazon just don’t seem to care.

Prior to yesterday’s orders we have had five things that arrived the day after they were supposed to – although annoying, that’s not too bad.

Yesterday we placed five orders…and FOUR of them aren’t due to arrive now until Saturday!! What the hell, that’s three days away >__<

The most annoying thing is that two of the deliveries are for Kasper’s Gotcha Day on the 25th, and the Nina Ottosson toy was one of his ‘biggies’.

I know it shouldn’t matter, and yes, I am aware he is a dog and so has no concept of adoption anniversaries or dates, but sod off I am allowed to be annoyed!

Another item that didn’t arrived were some wellies for my partner.

He’s had his current ones for five weeks and they have completely fallen apart, so he’s having to wear old (non-waterproof) shoes on dog walks which rub him. Now he has to wait until Saturday!

My partner phoned Amazon, who said there’s a chance some of the items could arrive tomorrow – there was no apology, no offer of a refund, and no explanation as to why when you have Prime things don’t arrive the next day.

I know we didn’t pay for Prime – but my dad did, he paid £80 and then had a subscription to give to a family member. £80 is a lot of money for something that doesn’t work…

Anyone else have Prime? Have you ever had this trouble?


4 thoughts on “Thanks Amazon Prime…

  1. Wow, I’m really shocked at this. I’ve only had two things not arrive on time with prime out of hundreds of orders. One it was a day late and didn’t really matter but the other seemed to go missing in the post as I received “out for delivery” emails for three days running and it didn’t appear. I emailed them and they gave me a full refund to reorder and to select the premium expedited delivery which they would also refund me for, plus added another month to my prime subscription! I should also add, the day I went to reorder the thing turned up so I didn’t order again, I did inform them but wasn’t required to re-pay.
    Seriously surprised at the customer service you’ve received!!

    • Ugh, I guess we’re just unlucky haha!

      I kind of thought this couldn’t be happening to everyone, otherwise I’d have heard of the issue and people wouldn’t think Prime was worth it at all…it’s really annoying because they don’t tell you it isn’t arriving on time until the day it’s supposed to be there, so it’s like a horrible surprise!

      I cancelled the Nina Ottosson toy and the treats, and ordered Kasper a nice looking bed and a Kong Traxx from Zooplus instead…even if they arrive a day or two late, I’d rather have them from Zooplus than Amazon 😛

  2. We had Prime, but we never renewed it. It comes in handy for the holidays, but even so, sometimes they don’t deliver as promised. The problem is that some of their “sellers” don’t comply. If you order directly from Amazon (meaning directly from their warehouse) the next day delivery usually happens. Just not so much with other sellers.

    • It’s so annoying! How can you charge so much for something when the main selling point is next day delivery, and it hardly ever happens?!

      We ordered some more stuff from Prime yesterday and they’re due to arrive NEXT THURSDAY! What’s the point?!

      I think we’ll try get in touch and see what they say, maybe we can get some discounts / refunds…

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