Walk pics part 2

After Kasper had finished rolling madly in the grass it was time to climb some actual cliffs…they start off in a cluster, a huddle of cliffs of various sizes, and there are a lot of different trails to choose from.

Here’s the view at the top of the first one, looking out to the disappearing tide

Kasper’s never been on this walk before and he LOVED the cliffs!

Not only are the views in every direction simply amazing, but some of the cliffs are very flat and easy to walk on…

…whereas others are covered in small bumps and craters!

One of them in particular (which I apparently didn’t get a photo of) is just bump after bump…it makes for some insane walking and looks so bizarre!

Kasper was having so much fun early on in the walk I knew there wasn’t a chance he would pose for photos, but at the halfway point I managed to persuade him that staying still was worth it 😉

I’m really glad I gave it a go because I adore these photos of him ❤

The hill-crag-mountain you can see in the background of the above photos is the one we explored in this post!

We followed a different set of cliffs back, and paused to soak up the views

I wonder how far in the tide comes?

These are the cliffs that Zoey would sprint up and down, when we walked her here off lead!

Kasper was more willing to post for photos now because he knew I’d brought ox tongue with me and not just dry treats!

After we climbed back down it was time for Kasper to guzzle some more water and enjoy a paddle and a swim.

We began the long walk home, stopping every now and then to take photos or, in Kasper’s case, roll happily on the grass 🙂

Mini cliffs on the right that separate the beach part from the track

I wish it was that sunny today, brrr!

Also, did you know Kasper was a rock climber? 😉

Kasper was far more willing to offer attention, ask for treats and respond to cues on the way back – not only was he aware of the high value treats I had, but he’d eked out some of his energy and this part of the walk wasn’t as exciting either.

As a result we worked in plenty of training (just basic stuff like down stays) and I took the opportunity for more photos 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I also have a short video from the walk with some cute / interesting clips.

First clip = Kasper enjoying a paddle, swim and roll!

Second = an off lead dog sprinting up to Kasper *rolls eyes*

This dog ran over to us at top speed from at least 100ft away (and it couldn’t half run fast too, being a sighthound!). The dog’s owner made no effort to check Kasper was friendly (remember he was on lead) or call their dog back, so that was nice *sigh*

The dog was also pretty damn rude. It sprinted right up to Kasper’s face instead of slowing, the greeting was very much head on, and the dog’s body language was pushy – Kasper on the other hand had a low & loose waggy tail, kept the encounter short etc.

I always marvel at how polite Kasper is when greeting other dogs; he gives off all the right signals, he makes it clear to the dogs from a distance he isn’t a threat, and in general he is very confident.

If the dog is rude / bouncy (ie. jumping on him, refusing to leave him alone when asked) he will growl to tell them to sod off, which is absolutely appropriate. This dog was pushy but not bouncy; you can see Kasper is nervous (normally his ears are relaxed, his mouth is relaxed / ‘grinning’ etc) but he doesn’t need to growl, and when he walked off the dog let him go.

If you were wondering, I always film off lead dogs running to and interacting with my dogs when I have a camera – not only becuse dissecting their body lnguage and noting calming signals is fun, but also because I don’t trust other dog owners at all. If their dog starts a fight or attacks mine, I have it on film

Final clip – I am very proud of this 🙂

One of the things Kasper really loses his head over is horses – he has always pulled and lunged at them when on lead, whilst whining / whiny-howlin.

After doing lots of work with ‘Look At That’ or engage-disengage, he does *so* well now!

There were two horses going past here (double the excitement!) and you can see that although he is clearly excited and anxious/stressed as a result, he does well.

When we moved him slightly to the side he was able to do look aways, offer eye contact, focus on us, and readily accepted the blobber etc…very proud of the big lummox! ❤

If you just want to see the horse bit skip to 1.30 😉


5 thoughts on “Walk pics part 2

    • Haha nope, he’s only had one bath the entire time he’s been with us!! He has self-cleaning fur, literally twenty minutes after he’d been home he was clean again 🙂

      Every now and then if he’s rolled in something acky we’ll wipe him down with a sponge, but that’s literally it.

  1. it’s so so lovely there! love it!!! sorry about the rude dog encounter (ie rude owner!) – good job handling him, Kasper!!! I feel like I could blog about off-lead dogs every single day. *SIGH INDEED! x

    • I hear that, off lead dogs can be a nightmare…I just think it’s so rude of the owner to let a dog sprint at another dog, especially when that dog’s on lead. I can imagine off lead encounters are all the more troubling for you and Karma, even if she’s walking so much better now…it still can’t be pleasant if a dog ran up and started jumping all over her.

      It’s a really beautiful walk, we’ve never done it in the day before so seeing the views was awesome 🙂

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