Puppy training & walk pics

I’ve wanted to get a video of some training with Raiden for so long – nothing in particular, just anything.

The problem is that it’s so hard to do!

Not only does Raiden whiz about a lot, but if I ask my partner to film us I get nervous so I have to do everything single-handedly.

Today I got a few short clips, not of much because the training session only lasted a few minutes, and most the clips are missing parts of Raiden to boot, but I still like the video so thought it’s worth posting 🙂

First we do some muzzle work. As you can see he fully understands to shove his head in the muzzle and hold it there.

Second clip involves us working on a new trick, I want to get it to the stage where Raiden will hop about, balancing on his back legs.

We just started working on this trick today (I’d practiced it for maybe ten seconds before this clip), so although obviously it’s nowhere near completion I’d say he’s doing rather well!

Third we have some scratch board work, to keep Raiden’s front nails trim. This is the worst one for ‘what am I supposed to be looking at here?!’, especially as I didn’t realise he’d knocked the camera haha!

And it ends with Raiden having fun emptying a bone 🙂

Also if there’s some weird eerie noise in the background, we had a horror-ish game paused!!

Secondly we took Kasper on a summery walk today – and you know what that means 😉

I love photography, even if I’m not very good at it, and I also love sharing our adventures on this blog…sorry for boring everyone though!

We’re headed right out to those tiny dots of cliffs in the distance, right on the horizen 🙂

Kasper was eager to check out the map; he never relies on us for directions!!

We ducked down onto the beach for most the walk, because it’s more interesting and Kasper finds it more exciting

After ten minutes exploring we climbed the small cliff-face onto the path above us

The weather was perfect; warm and sunny, quite summery, but not too warm as to feel like you’re melting, and there was a nice gentle breeze too

Old barrels

Past the path we reach a vast expanse of marshland; the views are stupendous

First water stop for Kasper here!

And then the obligatory roll on the grass 😉

Such. A. Goofball.

I’ll post more later!





4 thoughts on “Puppy training & walk pics

  1. I find it much easier to get a decent video if I leave the camera on a step stool or something away from us. Now my problem is that dogs maul the camera because they know we are going to do something fun lol

    • This is the problem I have!! Raiden has loved the camera since he first came home (he used to dive at it and attack it!!) and even now he’s older he will stumble across it in his excitement…I tried to have the camera on the armchair but that went badly, I need a solid surface that doesn’t bounce the camera about!

    • Hahaha I have just started asking Raiden to jump on, over or balance on things…mostly just rocks in a local field or on balance beams at the play park 🙂

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