Old man Prim

Prim is our beautiful lemony (officially called cream, but that seems weird to me) Syrian hamster, and he is old.

We brought Prim home from a fairly meh pet shop several years ago; I went in to look at their quite frankly crap stock, and when I mooched to the pets there he was. It was love at first sight – you don’t see too many blonde hamsters around here and he was just so cute.

I spoke with my partner and, of course, Prim came home with us.

The pet shop woman refused to touch the Syrians by hand and was using a toilet roll tube and the travel box to kind of ‘chopstick’ him in…it was ridiculous, and made me wonder quite how savage these Syrians were!! 😉

Not that I would have minded, half the enjoyment when we adopt neglected / abused rodents comes from teaching them people are good.

Prim spent a lot of his life in the Kios cage; an 80cm long narrow-barred rodent cage.

Eventually he was upgraded to a Furet Plus rat / ferret cage – I don’t know why but in the past year my thoughts on how big cages should be has greatly increased, and I doubt I’ll ever have a healthy Syrian in an ‘average’ sized cage again. The Kios now seems way, way too small!

Prim loved the space in the Furet Plus, and I packed it out with all sorts of toys and hammock…he’s always been the complete opposite to Effie and has no interest whatsoever in wheels. It’s weird that most Syrians seem to go one way or the other.

(he’s actually lighter than he seems in the pics, although he has darkened a little with age)

Despite the pet shop woman acting like he was going to rip her throat out, Prim is the sweetest Syrian I have ever had.

He needed no taming because he would climb on you from day one; he was so laid back and gentle.

He got older and older, but the climbing about proved to be no issue and he was still the happiest little guy – we did move his food and water to the bottom of the cage, just in case he couldn’t make the climb up.

This past month however he is looking tireder…he doesn’t always feel like coming out, and when you feed him sometimes he doesn’t get out of bed. Although he could still climb well he had more trouble getting down.

So last week we moved him into a retirement home.

Nowhere for him to fall or get stuck, and he’ll always be fairly close to food.

He seems very happy in himself; he’s a little skinnier and doesn’t have as much of an appetite, but he’s happy and enjoys his exploring. Hopefully we still have months left with the little guy 🙂


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