Oh piggy pigs –

you’re so cute!

They’re doing great with their toys and hides now; the rumblestrutting has decreased and when I look over they’re usually pootling about or, if they’re having down time, they’re either all spread out or all cuddled together in the blue box!

They’ve enjoyed every bit of veg I’ve flung their way, and are getting used to foraging for their pellets…I’m a cruel mummy and mix all their pellets up with a blend of hay and dried celery so they really have to hunt for them!!

Look at their little noses ❀

Tilt is by far our favourite girl- that’s not to say I don’t adore Slice & Loaf, because I really do, but Tilt is just so confident and sweet it’s hard not to be blown away by her.

Tilt does have moments where she completely ‘zones out’, just a few a day, I think part of her brain disorder. She will sit and just lose herself completely – I can throw fresh veg in, we can stroke and pick her up and she won’t react at all.

After a minute or so she will snap back into herself, and is completely fine. She is one of the happiest pigs I’ve known πŸ™‚

Originally I somewhat stupidly had the log tunnel like this (they still loved it)

Then I realised they didn’t need half as much height, so I lowered the tunnel and now you can fit more pigs in and they could get on top if they wanted!

And yes, that is bossy girl Loaf and sweet Tilt sharing some broccoli together!!!

And there’s the little ‘un, Slice, in the box πŸ™‚

And as it’s a dog blog, look at who’s behaving himself…how did he ever get this calm? He used to be such a nightmare with our smaller pets, I’m so proud ^__^


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