Cage swaps for all

Um, we’ve done more cage swapping today!

I’ll start with the quail.

You might remember they started off in a 120cm rabbit cage, which I was very happy with, but then we needed that cage for Aubree and so the girls went into a two storey 100cm cage.

Although this was more than big enough for them, and including the extra floor and all the levels it had a lot of floorspace, I didn’t feel like it had enough continuous running space. So we had the idea of moving them into a 42 inch dog crate.

Here’s the length of the double cage compared to the width of the crate:

There was one main problem: quail should be kept in either very low or very tall enclosures, anything over about 12 inches or under 7ft means that if they ‘boink’ (where they fly straight up) they can seriously injure their head / neck, and people’s quails have died this way.

In order to prevent this being an issue we made two extra levels out of foam paneling, simply tied on with string – they work great and easily support the quails’ weight 🙂

They have so much room, it’s awesome!

Video showing Quorn testing the levels & general quail happiness

Then we had a spare two storey rabbit cage going free, and I was thinking ‘hmm, who would enjoy this extra room?!’

Y’know who would?

Chin girls 🙂

We’ve had these girls for several months now, and they’ve not once chewed anything plastic, so I thought I’d risk them with a few more plastic ornaments in their cage…we are with them most every hour of the day, in the same room, so we will know if any chewing happens.

They have plenty of other stuff to keep them busy though so hopefully they’ll ignore the plastic 😉

They’re really loving this cage, especially because it was easier to position the platforms within hopping distance of each other…I really want to get them some small wooden shelves but I’d rather choose them in person to make sure the washers would fit the bars (we bought 12+ expensive shelves before the chins came to us and NONE of them fit >__< )

“Mum, we love it, thanks!” 🙂

We’ ve made some fun modifications today, and my dad also sent some pics of his new chickens too.

Here’s the ‘Pilkie’ (Silkie x Pekin) – do you see what I mean about her totally looking like a Silkie, but without the fluff-feathers or poof-y head crest?

And Renee the Appenzeller with the two new Brahma girls

The dog crate you can see in the background of that last pic is the ‘time out’ pen, where Renee has spent all day…she’s top of the pecking order and so is quite stressed with three new hens added to the flock, and wants to make sure nobody steals the top position.

From what I saw the girls seemed to be interacting really well with each other, but my dad’s fretting and has been keeping her separate 😛


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