A puppy & a duck neck

Yeah, Raiden loves them 🙂

Of course when I first gave him it he couldn’t just settle down and chew it, oh no, he had to sprint around the living room like an absolute loon, pouncing up and down with the neck in his mouth!!

That was him mid spinning pounce haha!!

He did eat it eventually though and crunched it down really well. Although he enjoyed it, the neck didn’t last him long at all – close to five minutes at a push. Usually chews last him ten times longer than Kasper, but he wasn’t that far behind with this one.

I can’t believe he’s going to be nine months old in a week’s time 🙂

I also bought some soil in for the quail today; we were running out of chinchilla sand (need to get more in for the chins!!) and I wanted to see what the girls would think of actual dirt. So…I made a hamster cage dust bath!!!

Now you might be thinking ‘wtf?!’ but it’s actually the perfect size, easy to clean, and we weren’t using it for anything else haha! The roof might keep the high flying dirt in too, maybe.

Isn’t that a perfect sized dust bath for two quail?!

They seemed to approve anyway 🙂

I saw my parents today and we went to pick up their new chickens…it’s tiring to have to wear the ‘I am happy and normal!!!’ mask, but it was lovely to see them too.

The first two new chucks were Brahmas, truly gigantic chickens, and they were from a rescue surprisingly.

This woman runs a small chicken rescue from the back of her house; she has around 80 chickens + ducks, and when they flooded recently she had to rush them all into her kitchen before the water reached them!!

The birds have a large area of land to free roam and they are all sorts of sizes and breeds.

My parents loved the Brahma they had (they tend to be laid back, gentle chucks and look magnificent) so they really wanted another – now they have two!

After boxing the Brahmas we drove and picked up a Pilkie (Pekin x Silkie) from a chicken fancier not far away. She had some incredible set-ups (runs with stacks of hutches to sleep in and branches everywhere to perch on) and lots of beautiful birds – we even got to see her two week old Silkie chicks!!

There were two Pilkies to choose from; a white one that didn’t look as Silkie-ish and a black one that looked very much Silkie-ish! There was a second black one but she was broody and raising the chicks 😀

We chose the black one, added her to the box, and my parents drove home and plopped the three in the chicken wagon where their girls sleep!

I will share pics of them tomorrow 🙂

Finally we did an egg swap with my parents – we gave them five quail eggs; they gave us three standard sized eggs and three bantam eggs!

The eggs on the middle row are banty eggs:

Happy weekend all, thank you for the support my other post got…it really is appreciated 🙂


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