Bun & piggy progress

Photos of the little…well, medium..sized pets for this blog!

Firstly we have begun a different approach to enticing Aubree out of her cage. The door is open almost all the time now, but no matter how we try make it easy for her to get out she’s quite happy in there and won’t try thank you very much!

We have tried a wooden ramp, rubber mat ramps, books stacked into steps and we even thought about burning a bunny-flap into the plastic base of the cage, but then it would be ruined forever…

Our latest idea is to teach her to use us as a step!

This is both a ‘come out of the cage’ ploy but it’s great for getting her used to us and taming her too 🙂

To begin with we start nice and easy, and just reward her for putting her front paws on the lip of the cage.

Gradually we expect her to come out further and further…

Until eventually she has a patch of food that she has to put quite a bit of her body onto our laps to get to!

She’s progressing really well – she wouldn’t make contact with us at all a few days ago! 🙂

And, just because she’s adorable…

The piggie girls have been together almost two whole days now, still with no fighting or disagreements. I’ve seen all three of them cuddled in a heap together, and they also cuddle in alternate pairings too which is cute!

They got some basic toys today (just cardboard tubes stuffed with hay) but I’m considering putting off adding any hides or exciting toys for a few days because we just made a zooplus order, and if I wait a few days they will have brand new log tunnels to play in!

Possibly the cutest photo ever 🙂

And Tilt, showing how she earned her name!


5 thoughts on “Bun & piggy progress

  1. Your rabbit is so cute 🙂 I also have one and she likes to stay inside of her house instead of coming to me

    • Thank you 😀

      I’m wondering if Aubree is just like your rabbit, and would prefer to spend time in her cage than come out & play…. in which case I’d really like to upgrade her cage haha but even that is tough. Moving a deaf / blind rabbit is hard because she can’t see what’s going on!!

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