Rey rocks distractions

After doing lots of distraction work with Raiden this past month, we finally felt he was ready to have a walk around town where it’s generally busy no matter the time.


I was so nervous about ever getting anywhere with Raiden, because we (me especially) missed out on two months of training and socialisation, but his progress is amazing bless him ❤

We looped all around town; Raiden came away from every distraction and focused on us rather than getting himself worked up.

He ignored / calmly watched probably a dozen people, one dog on the other side of the road (this was the thing that got him the closest to overly excited), came away from litter, dropped litter, followed direction and he focused completely on me when there was a dog barking in a car right next to us 🙂

I am over the moon, what a walk!

As well as all the distraction work we did lots of training too…some up / offs, including a two foot wall, a bench and some stairs, and I have started asking for random sits too – we’ll be walking and I’ll just say “Raiden, sit!” out of the blue…the faster he sits the more treats he gets 😀

All in all just an incredible walk, and so nice to see all the training pay off. This scruffball is the dog of my dreams, I love all our adventures together ❤


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