Quail-Kasper-pig combo!

Oh aren’t you lucky, more adorable pets coming your way 😛

The piggy girls have now been in each others’ company for 24 hours, and we still have had NO squabbles…we have had a few instances of grumbling as one piggy approaches the other, a little bit of bum swaying, but that is it – no chasing, chin lifts, rushes, nothing ^__^

They’ve had two platters of food and have polished off both…sharing is caring!

Kasper has seen some movement, but he’s pretty chilled with our pets anyway – Raiden hasn’t noticed them fully yet, although he has sniffed upwards towards the cage. I’m thinking he might get somewhat more excited haha 😉

Here’s Boo being a star

I looove the dog crate as a piggy home; great access, easy to clean, roomy, could add a second level (trying to work out how still!) and it’s big enough that I can get my upper body in with them.

The downside is that the substrate would go everywhere, especially if you used wood shavings. Cardboard strips haven’t been too bad, and we have most the sides covered also.

Fleece bedding would be an option but I have tried that before with pigs and I am NOT  fan – rabbits that are litter trained, sure, quail, no problems…guinea pigs, not for me! 🙂

The girls really do seem to be getting on great; every time I look at them they have swapped who’s cuddling who!

I tried to get a shot showing how roomy a 48 inch crate is for pigs, but with the barrier on the right and me not having enough room it was tricky!

That’s the pig update – hopefully by the end of today we will still be squabble free and I can add some hides / toys 🙂

Quail time – look who met the quail!!

As I said Kasper is pretty chilled with our pets as long as they are not free with him, and he’s also very highly food motivated in the house, which makes it easy to calm him down if he’s getting a little too excited.


Kasper: Mum, you got any kibble?!               Kale: Mum, you got any mealworms?!

Oh, he wanted them bad 🙂

The girls were out free ranging for about an hour; my partner took Kasper for a walk and I stayed with the girls and had some fun with them.

I started doing some training with Quorn about teaching her to step onto my hand, so I can move her (she hates being picked up!)…she has no fear about stepping up and I carried her a little ways, it was all fine, so that can be how I pick her up I guess!!

Kale is so fine with being picked up I can easily move her one handed now 🙂

Kale went in the house for a while and I lay down next to Quorn…we actually fell asleep together, which was really sweet and reminded me of when I lived with my parents and had chickens ❤

And Quorny girl with her special beak 😀


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