The last day of sunshine

I am so glad I took some photos / video footage of each of the boys’ walks yesterday because it was beautifully sunny, and today the sky is as grey as stone.

I didn’t take many photos with Kasper because I took my camera (and about a million photos) on his walk the day before.


We walked Kasper to the opposite side of the beach. This is a walk we rarely took our dogs on as we see the same old badly trained / aggressive dogs walked there, but we’ve since discovered a new route that hardly anybody else uses, and from it you get a great vantage point of any other dogs coming up.

There are still some pretty major puddles here, from both high tides and heavy rains, which Kasper took advantage of 😀

He’s always loved lying down in rivers, puddles, ponds or just thick gooey mud.

And some random pretty pics. The green algae stuff on the water is so bright and beautiful.

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When Raiden’s awake he is a high energy dog, always on the go (although even then on longer walks he asks to be carried), but after a short burst of stimulation when we put him in his crate he will sleep for hours.

Raiden’s walk was much shorter than Kasper’s.

We walked to a nearby field not even ten minute’s from the house, played with Rey for twenty minutes, then came home…Kasper would be bored senseless if we tried to sit in one place and mess about with him XD

Have I mentioned how much I love this damn dog?!

He is always energetic, always happy, up for anything. He loves finding plastic bottle littered on the field and we have all sorts of games with them; they’re great for working on drop it and while Raiden has one me and my partner tear around with another until Rey swaps the one he has 😀

Here’s a video of Raiden looning about, working on some recall, having fun and (the absolute BEST bit) coming over to give us kisses 🙂 ❤

At one point he flopped a little too eagerly with his bottle and ended up rolling all the way over – this is an extremely well-timed (*cough* totally lucky) photo!

When the field is empty (which it usually is midday throughout the week) it’s a really easy walk for us to do with Raiden – we can just walk there, chill with him off lead, work on some training / play and then go home!

I even wore my pyjamas haha 🙂

I ordered some lead lead sleeves and badges for Raiden the other day.

I mentioned  a while back that we don’t have service dogs / emotional support animals in the UK for people with psychiatric illnesses.

This means I’m having to do everything on my own to try mould Raiden into a dog that I can easily take out in public and that would be helpful to me.

Teaching him tasks in the house (eg. interrupt certain behaviours / bring me certain objects) is fairly easy, but outdoor training – especially to be calm around distractions – is difficult because people bother him.

I want to start taking him up through town when it is fairly busy because he is getting better at ignoring people, and on our walks around the village we don’t reliably see any people to practice on. The problem is that some people can’t leave a dog alone, and feel the need to bother them.

Sometimes this is through wanting to see him, which I can at least understand but which is incredibly detrimental to Raiden’s training…we have had an old woman on the opposite side of the road calling his name and shouting at him repeatedly, people running to him and screaming about how cute he is, and people reaching for him / making weird noises as they pass.

Then there are the people who just do flat out weird things.

Thankfully we have not had this happen too much with Raiden, but yesterday when walking Kasper there was a woman on the very narrow bridge that we had to walk past, because she was standing still. As Kasper walked past her (maintaining eye contact with me and getting treats) she hissed at him like a cat, very loudly and for about ten seconds.

Kasper used to be terrified of people and I have put years of training to help him think people are okay, so I was immensely fucked off.

I don’t want to have to worry about people when I am trying to shape Raiden into a dog that could really help me in the future, so I bought one bright yellow sleeve that goes over the lead and says ‘IN TRAINING’…I actually wanted this one that also says ‘Please don’t approach’, but shipping to the UK was more than the item 😦

As well as that I ordered a patch that can be attached to leads and harnesses and simply reads ‘Service Dog’.

I’m a little concerned this makes me one of those people you read about claiming their dog is an assistance dog when it isn’t, but Raiden will be doing a job and helping me, and I would never use the badge to get him into places – I just want it so people can see he is working and will leave us alone.

I will also never claim he is a registered assistance dog, he will always have the ‘in training’ sleeve also.

I dunno, it makes me feel like a dick.

I just want people to have extra reason to leave us alone, and not put Raiden off from training / tasks that I ask him to do…if someone *did* try distract us I can just point at his badge/sleeve and not have to even look at them. I never do well interacting with people.

I wish we had psychiatric assistance dogs, that would be much easier than having to train your own and worrying that you’re upsetting people or ‘using’ the system…



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