Indoor quail free range!

For almost two weeks now Aubree’s cage has been open 24/7.

We have tried various ramps, steps and lures to get her to come explore her pen, but she is not having it. Because of her disabilities she is a very cautious bunny, and I don’t think however long we left her she would take that leap and come out of her own accord.

So for now we have moved her cage, and the quail are in what was Aubree’s penned in area 🙂

I am thinking we might put Aubree in a 42 inch crate (as Zooplus are sending out a free replacement!) and then she wouldn’t have a lip to jump over…she would just have to step out.


As you can see it’s a fairly small area – but to a Japanese Quail who’s only about 5 inches high, it’s huuuge!

Now since coming home with us a month and a half ago these girls have seriously impressed us…and I’m not talking about the fact they have laid 25 eggs in just a few weeks 😀

No, it is their confidence and their willingness to trust that has impressed me.

The girls lived outdoors before coming to us and had very little human contact. In just 1.5 months they now eat out my hands, follow my hands about, Kale is perfectly happy to be picked up and they both rush to the cage door to see me!

So, with all that in mind, today I wanted to try free ranging them 😀

The girls had never free ranged with us before, but they were very eager to come out the cage.

Kale was the first one onto the carpet, and as you can see in this video she was understandably nervous.

Quorn joined her soon after and, once the initial nervy ten minutes had passed, they LOVED it!!

They walked about, ate treats, climbed all over me, and they were talking to each other the entire time 🙂

At one point Quorn did race to the back of the cage and slip around the side of the pen, which we didn’t expect, and then she got stuck in our cabinet!!!

Bwahahahahahaha, Oh Quorn!

She had fun climbing over all our things, but we got her back with minimal fuss…unfortunately Quorn doesn’t like to be carried, so she didn’t enjoy it, but it wasn’t too bad!

And some pics of them mooching and having fun 🙂

I turned the lowest level so they would have easier access to the door, making coming out easier – it’s something we will be doing daily now that we know they enjoy it.

For some reason Kale has become fascinated with going upstairs, too. She will go up and then start yelling for her sister to join her…it sounds like a frog, but crossed with a musical bird’s song!!

They’re both up there now, happily together 🙂

After my chickens played such an important part in my life as a teen, I cannot explain how wonderful it is to have pet poultry again – and ones that can live inside, talk about perfect!

The girls are amazing, I can honestly say I couldn’t be happier with them, and my partner loves them to bits too 🙂


4 thoughts on “Indoor quail free range!

    • Haha thanks! It’s hard to believe how adorable and BRAVE they are…I read on several sites they were “impossible” to tame unless you hatched them yourself, yet these two are friendlier than any budgie / cockatiel I’ve ever had!

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